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I am optimistic about the development of the wardrobe industry. The development potential of the wardrobe industry can be seen from the fact that more and more enterprises have entered the wardrobe industry across borders in the past two years and strive to take a share of the market

the development trend of the wardrobe industry, which is as vibrant as spring, and the increasingly fierce competition are intertwined through the lively 2013. Looking forward to the 2014 lunar year of the horse, the wardrobe industry will continue to maintain high-speed development and mature on the whole, but it is unknown whether there will be new ideas. Grasping the pulse of the industry and coping with unknown changes, Mr. Lai Yongjing, general manager of karoya wardrobe marketing center, is invited to an interview to talk about karoya's development strategy and the trend of the wardrobe industry

Mr. Lai Yongjing, general manager of karoya wardrobe marketing center

home hotline: Hello, Mr. Lai! It is understood that karoya put forward the concept of corporate culture in 2012. In addition, what specific measures does karoya have to take to shape the corporate brand image

president Lai: what is culture? In my opinion, only by adhering to one action can a habit be formed; Adhering to a habit will form a kind of thinking; Adhering to a kind of thinking will become a kind of culture. Corporate culture and brand image complement each other. Culture is invisible, but image can be invisible or tangible. Therefore, in terms of brand building, karoya pays attention to both

in terms of tangible and intuitive image, karoya has established a unified logo image, a unified door image and decoration style of national exclusive stores, a unified header of office documents, water cups, etc. in 2011, Chen Jianbin and Jiang Qinqin signed a contract to become the spokesmen of karoya's brand image. In order to unify the style of national franchised stores, karoya has specially developed unique urban forest colors to achieve differentiation with its peers. All these contribute to the positioning and image building of karoya brand

intangible image building mainly starts from employees' words and deeds and services. In order to convey the corporate culture, karoya has specific requirements for employees in terms of dress, polite language and even conversation posture. In terms of shopping guide, design and installation services, we will also use more skilled scripts to create a friendly, professional and credible brand image

home hotline: it has been 13 years since the establishment of karoya in 2001. What kind of strategic planning and development ideas does karoya have in terms of brand and enterprise development in the future

Mr. Lai: in 2014 and the next few years, karoya will continue to strive for progress while maintaining stability, adhere to concentration, concentration and single mindedness, and has no plan for diversified development, and does not intend to make other marginal products. Our positioning is clear, that is, we focus on operating in the field of customized home furnishings

customized wardrobe not only emphasizes products, but also services. We have produced products with high quality and unified standards. So next, while pursuing excellence in product quality and environmental protection, karoya will break through the two technical bottlenecks of scheme design and after-sales installation based on its own technology, and improve the overall service level of the franchise store through six output systems. We hope that through our efforts, consumers in different regions of the country can enjoy the same high-quality services and consumption experience at the same price

home hotline: after 13 years of prosperity and development, the dealers' full support is indispensable. What will karoya do in terms of dealer expansion and support in recent years

Mr. Lai: after 13 years of development, karoya has opened more than 500 franchised stores across the country. Karoya's investment idea has changed, and it has also raised requirements in selecting dealers, choosing a wide line, and eliminating those who do not meet the conditions

karoya has established a perfect brand output system for dealers, that is, taking the exclusive store as the center, six outputs, and helping the terminal. At the same time, the personnel support and preferential policies for dealers have been implemented, and the support of human, material and financial resources has been increased, so that better resources and more opportunities can go to the front line, so as to better serve consumers

a big move of karoya in this regard this year is to launch the inaugural meeting of karoya wardrobe activities Federation, and launch the "100 activities" of the national 100 city tour to provide strong support for dealers' sales

home hotline: as a downstream industry of real estate, the current real estate is cold. What is your view on the development trend of the wardrobe industry

Mr. Lai: first of all, it shows that I am optimistic about the development of the wardrobe industry. The development potential of the wardrobe industry can be seen from the fact that more and more enterprises have crossed into the wardrobe industry in the past two years and strive to get a share of the market. In fact, the cold of real estate is just an appearance. In recent years, the regulation and control of national policies on real estate is to suppress, crack down, speculate and invest, not to restrict the development of real estate. The state has always emphasized and advocated "home ownership" to solve the housing problem of ordinary people. Looking at the essence through the appearance, even if the real estate seemed to be very popular before, many buildings were sold out just after the opening. In fact, most of them were bought by speculators and investors. These houses are usually vacant, changed hands, and not decorated. On the contrary, in recent years, the macro-control of real estate seems to be cold. In fact, rigid consumption continues to increase, and the decoration demand continues to increase. The development prospect of the wardrobe industry is considerable

home hotline: facing the fierce competition in the wardrobe Market, products are still the lifeline of enterprises. In terms of production management and product development, what are the arrangements of karoya

Mr. Lai: at present, karoya has built a production base of 150000 and introduced international advanced equipment, which can be described as a large investment in products. In terms of product development, we have launched 2-3 batches of new products every year. On the one hand, it is the upgrading and replacement of products, on the other hand, it is to add new products to fill the gap. In terms of production management, karoya will continue to focus on quality and environmental protection. According to the results of karoya's independent inspection 3-5 times a year in recent years, our test results show that the formaldehyde emission is always between 0.2-0.4mg/l, which has actually reached the European E0 standard. The national highest environmental protection standard E1 only requires that the formaldehyde emission is less than 1.5mg/l, that is to say, whether it is 1.5 or 0, it can only be said to meet the E1 environmental protection standard, but the impact of these two data on the home is obviously different. So I think it is absolutely necessary to subdivide our country into a higher level similar to E0 level

home hotline: the popularity of e-commerce has shocked many enterprises. How do you think wardrobe enterprises should take the road of e-commerce

President Lai: like customization, e-commerce is an irresistible development trend, and we should adapt to it and cater to it. However, for the single wardrobe industry, due to product characteristics, I think the pure e-commerce route is not yet mature

in my opinion, it is more practical to think about how to solve the problem of the last mile in the wardrobe industry. Because the wardrobe industry itself is a technical service industry, its services from pre-sales, in-sales to after-sales are inseparable from service, which is the value of what we call commodities. How to provide services online and achieve the effect of offline experience is a problem we need to solve

at present, karoya has taken the step of testing the water of e-commerce and established an online shopping mall - customized home network. Although it is not possible to complete all transactions online like a mature e-commerce, it can provide these services for consumers: first, you can obtain information. Second, it can provide a platform for consumers to interact and experience. Third, we can invite customers. In the future, we need to make more efforts in online services





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