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Joinery mainly refers to joinery board, commonly known as big core board, which is made of two pieces of veneer center glued and spliced wood. The central wood board is made of wood boards that are dried and processed into certain standard wooden strips, which are spliced by a panel splicing machine

because Blockboard is a special plywood, we should also follow the symmetry rule in the production process to prevent the warpage and deformation of the board. As a kind of thick board, blockboard has the beautiful appearance and nearby strength of general thick plywood, but Blockboard is lighter than thick plywood, consumes less glue, and saves investment. The following editor will introduce the relevant knowledge of the top ten Blockboard brands

the top ten Blockboard brands are as follows:

1 Founded in 1993, Dehua Bunny decoration new material Co., Ltd. takes promoting the green process of the industry as its own responsibility, produces diversified, finished and integrated products, faces medium and high-end consumer groups, and leads the development of the industry& ldquo; Baby green rabbit, live at home ” Our consumption concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and leads the whole industry in environmental protection plate

2. Moganshan

“ Mogan mountain ” The brand is a famous brand of China's environmental protection plate and a well-known trademark in China. In the plate industry, it took the lead in implementing the chain monopoly system, and has established more than 1000 monopoly stores across the country. The products are widely distributed in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions of the country, and are exported to the United States, South America, Britain, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and are deeply favored by consumers. At the same time, the company has established a number of raw material supply bases in North America, Africa, Europe and other countries

3. Jinliyuan

since its establishment, Jinliyuan plate has been striving for survival by quality, focusing on quality marketing for decades, and continuously expanding the production scale. The self-produced system of Jinliyuan plate has a storage and logistics distribution center of more than 30000 square meters, multiple branches and R & D management centers. At present, it has formed the largest self-produced brand operation supply chain in the industry. Jinliyuan Board focuses on managing the board, is better at managing the board, pays attention to brand effect, and has a strong brand awareness. Jinliyuan ecological paint free board is its star product, which is popular with consumers

4. Penghong

after more than ten years of development and construction, Penghong has fully possessed the production capacity and the ability to develop new products of medium and high-grade wood-based panel enterprises, and has perfect plywood production equipment and corresponding testing instruments. In the domestic industry, its production scale and sales volume are among the best. The company has always adhered to the entrepreneurial purpose of surviving by quality, developing by science and technology, and winning the market by reputation. It has created the first brand of livable decorative materials in China and won the unanimous praise of the majority of consumers. Penghong enterprise has been devoting itself to the research on the environmental protection performance of products, and has spared no expense in making special scientific research. It took the lead in developing and successfully launching formaldehyde free Blockboard in China, which had a great impact on the whole domestic wood-based panel manufacturing industry and social benefits

5. Millennium boat

Millennium boat specializes in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of home environmental protection building materials. It has become a leading brand in the plate industry and has formed " Panel expert " The reputation of. In terms of enterprise strategy, form " Research production, supply and marketing " With the integrated mode and taking health, environmental protection and humanization as the direction of sustainable development of the enterprise, Millennium boat is determined to serve people's healthy living room, let more people use high-quality products with high cost performance, create a safe, environmental protection and healthy living environment, and lead a quality life

6. Vientiane

“ High quality original ecology ” Vientiane's products are a new benchmark for the development of the industry. Wandefu wood industry takes the lead in integrating with the international market in the field of decorative building materials, and organizes production and standardized management in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system, China environmental label certification system and ISO14001 environmental management system. Independently developed “ Vientiane crown &rdquo& ldquo; Vientiane &rdquo& ldquo; Vientiane silver sky ” Three series of wood products and other high-quality environmental protection products. Vientiane plate has won “ China Environmental Labeling Product Certification &rdquo& ldquo; Chinese famous trademark ” And other authoritative certification. Wandefu wood industry leads the trend and development of the building materials industry, consolidating “ Industry leaders ” An unshakable position

7. Fuqing

focuses on the wood products industry and is the largest plate enterprise in Jiangsu Province. The company has been optimizing and integrating industrial resources for more than 20 years, and has formed a raw material supply chain of global forestry resources such as the Philippines and Indonesia at home and abroad. From the initial main business of blockboard, it has developed into an industrial group with many categories, such as ecological board, blockboard, integrated wood, multilayer plywood, decorative veneer, LVL building materials plywood, etc& ldquo; Refinement and standardization ” It is the spiritual attitude of Fuqing. The core competitiveness of Fuqing mode has been formed in many aspects, such as brand, channel, product quality, research and development, service, industrial chain and so on

8. Top 100

Top 100 boards are mainly paint free boards, BLOCKBOARDS and finger boards. We have expertise in the special plates for villa decoration and children's rooms. The top 100 plates are committed to building a large-scale modern production base that leads the development of the industry and provides “ Environmental protection, quality and health ” Decoration materials series products. It has a global procurement platform, leading technology, excellent quality, scientific management system and excellent industry reputation. Its brand is famous all over the country. Its environmental protection concept has been unanimously praised, and its popularity, reputation and loyalty have been further highly recognized by consumers, industry and national authorities

9. Weiye

Weiye is a large wood products enterprise specializing in the sale of formaldehyde resistant environmental protection decorative panels. The company has been committed to improving human living environment, creating original ecological and environmental protection home, establishing industry standards, and has achieved brilliant results. At present, the best-selling products include: E0 and E1 blockboard, ecological board, plywood, decorative panel, flame retardant board, white latex and other products. Over the years, “ Weiye brand ” Formaldehyde resistant and environment-friendly decorative board -- formaldehyde resistant board of pregnancy and infant room has been selling well at home and abroad, and has been unanimously recognized by many consumers

10. Xinte

cetor Xinte, in line with the business ideas of sincerity, faith, innovation and development, strives for survival with integrity and development with innovation. It focuses on the production and sales of blockboard, multilayer board, medium fiber board, particleboard, decorative panel and other home decoration environmental protection boards. Since the development of Shanghai Xinrong wood business department in 2005, it has become a total investment of 300million. The company covers an area of 100000 square meters, integrating production, sales, trade A large joint-stock limited liability company integrating services. The products radiate all over the country and are exported to South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai in the Middle East, South Africa and other countries

identification of high-quality Blockboard:

1 Look at the appearance

professor introduced that the identification of high-quality Blockboard mainly depends on the flat appearance without defects and the thorough identification. Professor Jiamusi majestic wood industry introduced that one side of blockboard must be a whole board, and only one seam is allowed on the other side. The surface board of blockboard with high quality should be dry, lubricated and free of defects, such as no dead knot, patching, glue leakage, etc., the thickness of the medium board should be uniform, without stacking and seam separation, and the splicing of the core board should be tight, especially the two ends of the blockboard should not have the appearance of dry cracks. When placed vertically, the corners should be straight, and the diagonal error should not exceed 6mm. The whole package of blockboard shall be completely bonded between each board. Secondly, touch the appearance of blockboard with your hand. High quality Blockboard should feel dry, flat and lubricated

2. Look at the connotation quality

investigate against the bright light. If it is transparent, it indicates that the splicing of wood strips is not tight; Listen to the sound when lifting. If there is a creak, it indicates that the bonding strength is not good; Lift one end of a Blockboard and weigh it. A high-quality Blockboard should have a sense of wholeness and massiness. Of course, this kind of thick feeling is a good board when the hand feeling is boring, otherwise it is boring. Then it is to tap the surface of the plate with a sharp mouth tool, and listen to whether the sound is very different. If the sound changes, it indicates that there is emptiness inside the plate. These appearances will weaken the overall bearing capacity of the plate, and the uneven stress for a long time will distort and deform the plate layout, affecting the appearance and application effect. Moreover, if the blockboard is made of environmental friendly glue, the smell of formaldehyde can't be smelled on the production site as long as it tastes like dry wood. If the blockboard emits a pungent smell, it indicates that the formaldehyde emission is high, and it is best not to purchase. If you want to check the quality inside, you need to cut a corner. For the large core board with good quality, there are sawtooth tenons between the small wooden strips, and the gap cannot exceed 5mm

Xiaobian summary: through the introduction of the above content, I believe that friends have a comprehensive understanding of the top ten Blockboard brands. For more information, please continue to pay attention to Qijia information





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