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People who have experience in decoration know that choosing cabinets is an essential step in decoration. Cabinets occupy "half" of the kitchen and are an important base for solving three meals a day

people who have experience in decoration know that purchasing cabinets is an essential step in decoration. Cabinets occupy "half" of the kitchen and are an important base for solving three meals a day. And the paint cabinet with bright color has become the choice of many family kitchens. Good waterproof, easy to clean surface and fashionable appearance have become the reasons for people to choose it

however, the price of paint baking cabinets in the market also ranges from tens of thousands to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. Even if you are a smart person and do enough market research, you often pay a lot of money

a reporter friend visited major shopping malls such as red star Macalline, Yuexing home, and incredibly home, and found that the prices marked by some brand paint cabinet merchants were surprisingly high. Although many paint cabinet brands have made substantial advertising promotions, the price is still frightening. "When I visited these stores, the highest quotation I saw was more than 100000." Miss Huang, who has experience in buying paint cabinet, told my reporter friend

a product cannot enter ordinary people's homes, not only because of the quality of the product itself, but also because of the price. This is especially true in the current situation of rising prices. As far as paint cabinet is concerned, high price has become a synonym, which has been preventing it from entering more people's families. However, is a high-quality paint cabinet really so expensive

based on lean manufacturing and marketing innovation, Rongshida kitchen and bathroom has created cost-effective paint cabinet products, so that users can buy cost-effective products and save money

recently, Rongshida launched a 4998 yuan paint cabinet. This cabinet includes a 3.5-meter painted floor cabinet, a 1.2-meter painted ceiling cabinet, a 3.5-meter explosion-proof tempered glass countertop, and a water basin and lead-free faucet, but the retail price is only 4998 yuan

Rongshida 4998 paint baking cabinet adopts Rongshida paint baking core technology, with smoother panels, more durable products and healthier home. Rongshida 4998 baking varnish cabinet abandons the mass production of automatic production line, and is designed to serve customization and achieve users' personalized cabinets. Grinding and painting adopt pure manual process, and dynamically change the process according to the environment, weather, temperature, and other factors to achieve the best use effect of the equipment. Exquisite workmanship, impeccable, so that the perfect presentation of art

Rongshida 4998 paint baking cabinet not only adopts the core paint baking technology, but each plate has been treated by the world's top formaldehyde reduction equipment - Microwave formaldehyde reduction equipment introduced by the company. It effectively reduces the harm of formaldehyde to people and provides a truly green home life for hundreds of millions of Chinese families

for such an extreme paint baking cabinet, Rongshida only sells for 4998 yuan. The cost performance ratio is unprecedented in the industry and will bring revolutionary changes to the whole industry. This behavior of daring to subvert the industry pattern and change the industry life is the first in the cabinet industry





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