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common problems and fishiness of balcony windows:

1. Why do balcony windows have cracks

answer: because any developer has horizontal error and normal allowable error of 5mm-8mm

2. What is waterproof and what is the material

answer: Materials: including foaming agent and silica gel

3. Difference between framed and frameless:

answer: the advantage of framed is better sealing performance, while the advantage of frameless is beautiful and convenient cleaning

4. Is the balcony window greasy in traditional markets

answer: the merchants of group purchase will not calculate the cost of such similar materials as burrs, rollers, concealed strips, etc., but some people who make balcony windows outside will calculate the cost of such small objects as rollers at 8-15 yuan, generally at least about 8. In this case, it will be more than 100 yuan for nothing; In addition to the conventional charging items, such as hot bending, upright pole, paint baking, waterproof, etc., the total cost is at least 100-300 higher than the balcony window merchants of online shopping. The waterproof fee is 120 yuan per household, while there are many phenomena of arbitrary charges in the traditional market





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