Sanshan floor curve overtaking is full of firepowe

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In 2014, the development of the flooring industry showed a cooling trend as a whole, and the industry is undergoing a new round of reshuffle. Under the situation of continuous downturn in the market, some small and medium-sized flooring enterprises are walking on thin ice, which can be described as survival in adversity in the general environment

2014 is a year for Sanshan flooring to forge ahead. Sanshan floor relies on its own efforts to strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties and face difficulties in the cold current

introduce innovations in products, including 10 series and more than 40 new products. The design, color and face cover hand gripping patterns, engraving and milling synchronous pattern matching, parqueting, etc., and introduce chamfering plates to make Sanshan flooring in line with international standards. The design and color are fashionable and full of European and American style, presenting beauty to customers' families, and making the room truly our harbor

in terms of personnel training, Sanshan flooring company not only trains the company's personnel, but also spends a lot of human, financial and material resources to train dealers across the country. The scope of training includes: team building of exclusive stores, shopping guide skills, how to do promotional activities, and a series of problems such as providing after-sales service to our consumers. We have given dealers good weapons, and we must also teach them how to use weapons. We must honor the "golden nanny" service for dealers, and let our customers have no worries after purchasing and using Sanshan flooring. We have a large number of professional teams to protect your healthy home environment

after 15 years of trials and tribulations, Sanshan flooring has won the market with high-quality products and services and served the market with a professional team. We are also constantly strengthening internal cultivation and improving ourselves, and we will eventually show our perfect image in front of consumers

Sanshan floor measures the distance between beauty and space with body and mind, constructs the elegance of returning to nature with nature, and understands the encounter between simplicity and art. The floor of Sanshan is painted wherever it falls




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