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At present, the toilet flushing methods on the market are basically direct flush and siphon. Siphon type is divided into vortex siphon and jet siphon. So, which is the best way to flush the toilet? How can I choose which toilet is more suitable for me? No matter what kind of toilet, the first thing to decide is the lower pipe. If the pipe has a U-shaped trap, choose the straight flush type. If there is no trap, you can choose the siphon type

the invention of the toilet has brought great convenience to people's life. Everyone needs to use the toilet in life. There are many kinds of toilets on the market, which can be divided into two categories: direct flush type and siphon type according to the flushing principle. So, which is the better way to flush the toilet? In fact, this also needs to be based on the personal needs of consumers. Now we will briefly talk about the types of toilet flushing methods and their advantages and disadvantages, hoping to provide you with a reference basis

types of toilet flushing methods

1. Direct flushing

advantages: the flushing pipeline is simple, not easy to cause blockage, and there is no need to prepare a paper basket

disadvantages: loud flushing sound, small storage surface, easy to scale, few varieties on the market, difficult to choose

2. Siphon

advantages: low flushing noise, easy flushing, high water storage, good odor prevention effect, a wide variety of products on the market, and more choices

disadvantages: it consumes water and is easy to jam. It is equipped with a paper basket and a plunger

1) vortex siphon

increase the washing force, which is conducive to discharging the viscera of the toilet

2) jet siphon

the advantages of water saving, mute and strong flushing ability have become the mainstream flushing method

when flushing the toilet, should the toilet cover be covered or not

1. Not all microorganisms have conditions to soar

different microorganisms have different transmission ranges

2. Be alert but don't panic

no matter which microorganism wants to cause disease, it needs a certain “ Pathogenic dose &rdquo

3. Measures to reduce the spread of microorganisms through cyclones

toilet flushing can indeed cause the spread of microorganisms. Clean toilets and water tanks regularly with disinfectant to reduce potential health risks

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