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Want to experience the feeling of buying at a low price? Want to get a bigger gift? Double eleven, Rouran wallpaper keeps you happy. All kinds of gifts and gifts make you feel soft. Double eleven, where are you going? Rouran wallpaper store, of course

Rouran wallpaper has been loved by consumers for many years. Its quality is trustworthy, its style is novel and meaningful, and it is the first choice of home decoration for consumers. When the double 11 comes, Rouran wallpaper will bring you a big gift and let you enjoy the pleasure of shopping at a low price

the annual "double 11" shopping carnival is coming. Many consumers who like online shopping have long silently collected their favorite products and placed orders immediately when there are discounts on that day. In fact, consumers don't have to wait for "double 11" or online shopping. At present, major brand enterprises have launched promotional activities to grab popularity in advance. Take the well-known brand ROEN Rouran wallpaper as an example. The large-scale theme promotion of "double 11? Wallpaper Carnival" will be launched in advance on October 28, which is more than off50%! Good wallpaper 7 rolls/1100 yuan, higher than online

during the activity, the carnival continues, making you hi again:

Carnival 1: Rouran good wallpaper 7 rolls/1100 yuan, crazy hi

enter "double 11" in Rouran's official website to see what discounts there are! You can also pay attention to Rouran's official wechat and reply to "double 11", which will pop up "wallpaper carnival, not only off 50%!" By forwarding this wechat to your circle of friends, you can get the purchase right of Rouran double 11 wallpaper carnival with 7 volumes/1100 yuan! It will definitely surprise you home

Carnival 2: Double 11 imported wallpaper Carnival price

during the event, the carnival price of original imported papers from the United States, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Britain and Sweden is more than 50% off, which is higher than online! The original price of opal essence series originally imported from the United States is 945 yuan/roll, and the double 11 Carnival price is 499 yuan. The mankai version of khroma series originally imported from Belgium and the global non-woven wallpaper leader is as low as 729 yuan. The original price of the best-selling new product is 555 yuan/roll, 395 yuan/roll, and the double 11 wallpaper carnival is off 50%! Double 11, get ready, grab it, grab it

Carnival 3: free 1775 yuan for super background wall imported from Italy

during the event, pay more than 3000 yuan, upload the order photos to wechat, reply to "super background wall" in wechat, and then you can participate in the wechat turntable free super background wall event, 100% winning

first prize super background wall, imported from Italy with original packaging of 1775 yuan, 1 roll of Iberia or cafra; The second prize is the most popular background wall, with 2 volumes of Lyons or aloes or Paris imported from Germany; The third prize is Rouran's customized stainless steel trash can

Rouran imported super background wall cafura series from Italy, is a famous Italian designer and the founder of justcavalli brand Roberto Cavalli/Robert? Cavalli's crossover work and luxurious wallpaper background wall are unparalleled! This double 11, Rouran wechat turntable, participation will have the opportunity to get free

Carnival 4: Double 11 cash gift, crazy hi

double 11 rush purchase, Rouran gives you cash! During the double 11 event, when purchasing Rouran wallpapers, the franchised store will give 100 yuan in cash for every 5000 yuan paid. Pay more and give more. Online shopping has the help of Rouran, crazy hi

activity time: October 28, 2014 November 16, 2014

crazy Hi, many gifts, all kinds of gifts, double 11, Rouran wallpaper waiting for you! Double eleven, of course, is to Rouran wallpaper shop crazy hi




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