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Project name Gezhouba International Plaza house type two bedrooms, two halls and one bathroom. The building area of the suite is 101 square meters. The project cost is 65000 design style Mediterranean style design unit Aohua decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Design Description: this case is a 101 square meter two bedrooms and one hall. Therefore, when planning the overall layout of the space, the designer connects some walls to maintain the permeability of the room, and uses arches and retro forging to make iron partitions, The natural transition from a long and narrow living room to two independent areas, with a degree of relaxation and a combination of emptiness and reality, tries to maintain the freedom and freedom of the Mediterranean style. At the same time, in terms of color treatment, only partial blue paint and wallpaper are selected, trying to return to nature and quietly enjoy Mediterranean life

"you embrace the passionate Island, you bury the memory of Turkey, you linger in the unreal beautiful scenes in the film." ― Chen Qizhen's "the meaning of travel"

sky loves to travel. He has been to many places and seen many landscapes, but his favorite thing is still to see the sea. The endless blue sea can always make his mood suddenly open. You can't see the sea, so sky didn't hesitate to choose the Mediterranean style in the initial style positioning. With fresh colors, elegant ornaments and dreamy curtains, the whole living room is like a mint in summer, sweeping away boredom and sadness

whenever the evening wind blows the pure white veil, sky likes to step on the nostalgic tiles barefoot, as if he is walking on the white sand beach in the Mediterranean. When talking about the curtains and sofas in the living room, sky replaced them with unforgettable scenes of beauty in his travels: the glittering sea of sunflowers on the other side of the coast, the charming lavender in blue and purple, often floating with refreshing fragrance of flowers...

sky said that as he traveled to more and more places, he became reluctant to take photos and buy souvenirs. He said that the significance of travel is to remember the beautiful scenery with your heart, not the camera, nor the souvenir. The photo wall on the living room wall has only a few photo frames, which is the place sky has always wanted to go but has not had the opportunity to go. He said that it is the place where the future dream begins

the light veil dances gently in the warm breeze. At this time, sky will make a cup of Matcha latte, listen to music or flip through magazines. It can also be very comfortable at home alone. Life should be as free as Matcha latte, with a little romance and petty bourgeoisie

the restaurant is a happy base for sky couples, with playful fights, considerate care, warm warnings, unreasonable cold jokes, and a thick sweet smell in the air. Sky has always adhered to such a happy lifestyle

the clothes are dry, the wind is wearing, and the mood becomes very blue. Sky said that he liked to lean against the bed, breathe the rare good air in the city, and unconsciously began to fantasize about the next travel story, waiting to harvest the beauty of an unknown city

it is such a bedroom. There is no complex and fancy modeling, only a few pieces of simple white furniture and just the right floral wallpaper, but it can deduce romance and fantasy all the time, performing the purest happiness in the city

when we were young, we all longed to sleep with white clouds. The soft clouds were like marshmallows, clean, pure and beautiful. The design of this children's room has completed sky's childhood dream. White clouds are floating on the blue wallpaper, and the large windows allow people to enjoy the gentle sunshine at any time. This is a special gift prepared by sky for the baby

little clever thinking in the corridor: use a landscape painting to complete the design of the invisible door

open the door, it turns out that there is a hole in the sky. Close the door, and there is another dreamlike beauty outside

there are many interesting decorations in sky's home, which are all picked up by sky from different places during travel, carrying the memories of sky in different periods. The same is true of this unique vase. The contrast between real flowers and fake flowers better sets off the beauty of flowers

sky likes to wander around and take a aimless walk when he is free. If at home, sky will sit on a small balcony in the sun, holding a few novels as a pose, sometimes turning a few pages, sometimes just smelling the fragrance of books, and his heart will become gentle and quiet with the sun

one flower, one heaven, one grass, one world. Places with flowers are always full of vitality. Sky likes to buy back some beautiful vases and insert a bunch of beautiful flowers to give himself and his family a good mood

sky often buys some lovely and exquisite decorations, which inadvertently adds a lot of interest to life. This cute pencil case, which is creative with comics, is the best illustration of sky's intention to decorate the study

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