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Analysis on the causes of offset paper dropping fault

paper dropping refers to the phenomenon that the paper falls under the machine during the process of entering the drum to the paper receiving table. The paper dropping fault will cause a lot of waste products and delay production

(many burrs are filtered out 1) the paper is uneven and wavy

the paper is uneven, which makes it difficult to feed paper. Especially for white board, it is very easy to cause that the front gauge is not in place, so that there is too little paper in the paper gripper, or even the paper can not be gripped, resulting in the failure of the normal handover between the paper receiving tooth row and the paper delivering tooth row and the paper falling

(2) all parts can be used for paper angle test

go to step 3: when we calibrate and adjust the force measuring system to accurately position the rear gauge, because the paper corner at the mouth of the paper is cocked up, the height of the teeth is lower than the height of the paper corner, so that the teeth can not fully hold the paper. Even at the moment when the teeth are closed, the paper pops back due to touching the paper corner, resulting in too little paper in the teeth

(3) there is double sheet in the paper feeding

when there is a double sheet fault in the paper feeding, the overlapped two sheets of paper will be a little faster and a little slower. When entering the front gauge, the slow one may not be completely caught by the teeth, and thus fall under the machine

(4) abnormal paper feeding

due to improper machine adjustment, the equipment is often used in: when the communication is in progress, the paper feeding is skewed, too fast or too slow, resulting in unstable paper feeding and paper dropping

(5) the positioning distance of the front gauge is incorrect

after the paper reaches the front gauge positioning, the paper gripper will hold the paper for 4 ~ 6mm, too much will easily tear the paper, and too little will fall out due to insufficient paper

(6) the contact time between the paper receiving tooth row and the big tooth of the embossing cylinder is incorrect

if the paper receiving tooth row picks up the paper too early, it will break the paper; Too late will be unable to hold the paper and produce a paper drop

(7) the gripper force of the paper receiving tooth row is insufficient

when half of the paper is dropped from the paper receiving tooth row or only half of the individual tooth rows hold the paper, it indicates that the tooth row holding force is too light, and the holding force should be readjusted

(8) the positioning and paper feeding connection time is incorrect

when the paper arrives at the front gauge, the speed of paper rotation is inconsistent with the connecting time of gauge, resulting in disordered paper feeding positioning, poor paper receiving and paper dropping

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