At its peak, CPI rose 32 in February, and the stee

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CPI rose by 3.2% in February, and the steel market is still worrying in the short term.

"house prices say it is going to rise, CPI laughed, CPI said it is going to break the record, and pigs all over the world laughed!" Under the joint influence of the Spring Festival, weather 1, the cube amorphous material with a side length of 1 cm has been made of materials, the rise of oil prices and other factors, China's CPI rose significantly in February, with a year-on-year increase of 3.2%, and the growth rate hit a new high in 10 months. According to the news from the two sessions a few days ago, the expected target of China's GDP in 2013 is set at about 7.5%, and the CPI increase is controlled at about 3.5%, so the inflationary pressure is still large this year. Under the background of the current meager profit space of steel mills, this move of CPI undoubtedly cast another layer of haze on the steel market, and businesses are worried about the future trend

according to the monitoring data, Shanghai Shagang closed on the 8th Ф 3800 yuan for MM secondary thread; Guangzhou Shaogang quoted 3850 yuan, down 30; Changsha Pinggang quoted 4030 yuan; Beijing Shougang quoted 3730 yuan. Shanghai Q235 5.5mm sand steel - the price of hot coil such as spring steel was reported at 4030 yuan, down 30; Guangzhou Anshan Iron and steel hot and developed a detailed "China Mongolia joint field survey outline of long tune folk songs" volume, the price was reported at 4060 yuan, down 20; Changsha Lianyuan Steel Hot Coil price was reported at 4230, down 50; The price of hot coil at Beijing Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was reported at 4010 yuan, down 20. Transactions in the spot market weakened, and the market reaction was that merchants' willingness to reduce prices and ship goods was significantly enhanced, but the terminal wait-and-see was obvious

prices are relatively mild during the Spring Festival, but the news released today undoubtedly provides a platform for future price increases. Although the two sessions indicate that the regulation and control measures are still in progress, this road is still difficult. Prices rise in turn, and the current production costs of steel mills are also high. From yesterday's Shagang price adjustment in April, it can be seen that the steel mills still have good expectations for the future market, and their production enthusiasm is still high. Major steel mills are trying to control the purchase price of raw materials, and raw materials such as ore and coke are basically controlled in the low inventory state of replenishment on demand

and inventory is still a headache for steel traders. The overstocked inventory in the early stage has not been completely consumed. Now the steel mills have successively delivered to the market. At present, the inventory in the steel market has reached an unprecedented level, but the transaction situation is not ideal. Under the double attack, the steel market is like a poached egg, both front and back, so we can only reduce the price and deliver to survive

from the current capital market, recently, due to the total amount of funds is not lacking, mainly due to the end of the month and the gradual stabilization of market expectations for the central bank's policies, the inter-bank capital has become loose, and the market capital interest rate continues to decline. However, from the CPI data released today, it can be seen that in the future, in order to curb inflation, the central bank may also take some measures to avoid economic ups and downs

for the future market, the author believes that with the end of the two sessions, some policy information is more clear, coupled with the good expectation of the "golden three", there is still room for steel prices to rise in the future market, but it is still worrying in the short term! (Fubao)

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