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Astronauts of the International Space Station celebrate American independence day with LED light arrays. Astronauts of the international space station come from many countries, but this does not prevent them from enjoying a little holiday fun on July 4. At present, there are three American astronauts on the space station. They have made a little red, white and blue decoration with materials that are not fully molded and have poor dimensional stability

to commemorate independence day, the space station's advanced plant habitat has been transformed, and the LED lighting array has been converted from its usual tone to the pattern of the American flag. It looks very cool

The higher plant culture device is designed to help astronauts monitor and observe the growth of plants in space. NASA therefore described the module: the incubator is equipped with a monitoring system, and the electronic real-time manager with better aviation pressure transmission and reduced contraction force provides real-time telemetry, remote command and photo downlink for the team of NASA Kennedy Space Center

the system records data from 180 sensors, including water use, two N; Carbon oxide level, light level, temperature, humidity and oxygen in the growth chamber, and temperature, humidity and oxygen level in the plant root system, and send them back to Kennedy Space Center for analysis

all this is very complicated, but a bright LED lighting array at the top of the habitat can be adjusted according to the needs of scientists. On July 4, it was modified into star stripe lighting, which is only a temporary change, because bright red and blue lights may not be the favorite of internal plants

at present, expedition 56 of the international space station will continue to work until October, and astronauts arriving at the space station in March this year will return to the ground. Others will stay on board until December and will wait for the next round of astronauts to enter

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