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I earn tens of billions from selling houses a year, worry about the safety of construction workers, and invest 80 billion development robots to replace

I earn tens of billions from selling houses a year, worry about the safety of construction workers, and invest 80 billion development robots to replace

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original Title: I earn tens of billions from selling houses a year, worry about the safety of construction workers, and invest 80 billion development robots to replace

the word AI can be said to be a rotten street in recent years. Both Internet companies and traditional companies hope to get involved with AI. In fact, every industry will definitely develop in the direction of intelligence in the future

recently, another traditional company announced to vigorously enter the field of AI, which is country garden. Country garden is now a very famous real estate company. This year, the contract revenue of country garden exceeded 500 billion yuan, and the profit in the first half of the year reached 13.6 billion yuan

country garden now has more than 1300 buildings under construction in the country at the same time, and almost every city can see the figure of country garden. Many people only know that country garden has uneven coating, but they don't know that the boss behind country garden is Yang Guoqiang

in fact, there have been several negative events in country garden since this year, and even the whole building collapsed when it was half built. These hidden dangers of safety have always affected Yang Guoqiang's own heart. In fact, Yang Guoqiang is a very simple rich man. Yang Guoqiang himself is also a farmer. He never wore new shoes before he was 17 years old. At that time, he was farming in the countryside

later, Yang Guoqiang's brother took him to the city as a construction worker. Yang Guoqiang has been a construction worker for ten years. He deeply knows the hardships of construction workers. Although he is already a billionaire, he is certainly different from other bosses

Yang Guoqiang recently decided to invest 80billion in AI in the next five years. Yang Guoqiang hopes to develop robots to replace construction workers, so that they do not have to do those dangerous jobs. Although Yang Guoqiang has never read a book, he has always attached great importance to talents and technology

Yang Guoqiang is a very low-key millionaire. In 2007, country garden was listed, but before it was listed, Yang Guoqiang handed over more than 70% of the shares of country garden to his second daughter Yang Huiyan. Many people always wonder why Yang Guoqiang only handed over his shares to his second daughter

in fact, Yang Guoqiang has three daughters. In addition to the second daughter Yang Huiyan, the third daughter Yang Ziying also works in country garden. Yang Huiyan is now the vice president of country garden, and she has long been the successor appointed by Yang Guoqiang. Yang Guoqiang's separation is a little similar to Li Jiacheng

Li Ka Shing handed over all the family wealth to his eldest son Li zeju, while supporting his second son Li Zekai to develop his own career. Yang Guoqiang is the same. He handed over all the shares of country garden to his second daughter. At the same time, he also supported the third daughter to develop her own career. Yang Ziying actually has several companies of her own. She has an investment company under her own name and controls two listed companies

the biggest customer of Yang Ziying's company is country garden. In fact, his father is secretly helping his third daughter. Yang used cement slurry to fill all the gaps under the machine base. Guoqiang's eldest daughter has not appeared in the media so far. In fact, she has been in poor health since childhood, so she has not been involved in the family business. Yang Huiyan also promised her father to take care of her sister all her life. This is also one of the conditions for her to inherit the family wealth

if Yang Guoqiang wanted to, he could become the richest man in China as early as 11 years ago. However, he gave up this false reputation to his daughter, and made her complete, making her the richest man in China at the age of 25

since last year, there have been some negative aspects about country garden and Yang Guoqiang. Ganfeng lithium will refer to the market price. Many people say that Yang Guoqiang squeezed the labor force of employees and so on. In fact, this is nonsense. Which company doesn't work overtime. In fact, Yang Guoqiang is still a conscientious boss. After Yang Guoqiang made his fortune, he set up a school in Shunde, which is called Guohua middle school. This middle school is now the top ten school in Guangdong

it is not easy for this school to achieve such a result. Because the students in this school are all poor children. Children studying here are free of tuition. Yang Guoqiang didn't read when he was a child. After becoming rich, he especially sympathized with those children who couldn't read because of economic problems like him

in order to help these children, Yang Guoqiang specially set up this school. To study here, you don't have to pay tuition fees, and even the living expenses are provided by Yang Guoqiang. Many students with good grades continue to pay their living expenses after they go to college

in order to run this school well, Yang Guoqiang has spent more than 200 million. Last year, when the supplier had to repair or replace the bottom of the casting at the same time, Yang Guoqiang also announced that he would donate 2.5 billion to Tsinghua University in the future. This is the largest personal donation in the history of Tsinghua University

make tens of billions from selling houses a year, worry about the safety of construction workers, and invest 80 billion to develop robots to replace them. No man is a saint without mistakes. Yang Guoqiang must have made mistakes in the process of entrepreneurship. Everyone has high requirements for others and low requirements for himself. Sun Hongbin once said that the market should give entrepreneurs some tolerance. If we are in the position of Yang Guoqiang, we may not be able to do better than him. As the saying goes, if Yang Guoqiang is too kind to his employees, how can country garden be competitive in the market. If the company goes bankrupt and all employees lose their jobs, that is the biggest responsibility to treat employees

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