A brief analysis of the development prospect of co

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A brief analysis of the development prospects of China's corrugated board industry

in recent years, corrugated board, as a green paper packaging material, has developed rapidly in China, accounting for more than 60% of paper packaging materials, and began to extend to other fields. Because corrugated board production does not need high and new technology, and the access threshold is low, the competition in this industry is very fierce. In the face of the unprecedented financial crisis in the current international market and the relative reduction of China's export products, how to deal with the fierce market competition and make the healthy and sustainable development of the industry become the focus of the industry

experts pointed out that in the future, the development of China's corrugated board industry should pay attention to the following aspects:

first, the industry should realize large-scale production. At present, China has more than 3000 tile lines, with overcapacity. Although the United States has only more than 1000 production lines, its output ranks first in the world, mainly because of the high degree of modernization and scale of enterprises. Under the current fierce market competition in China, we should eliminate backward equipment with low manual or automation degree, high energy consumption, excellent efficiency and low comprehensive performance rate, such as production lines with a line speed of less than 80 meters per minute and a width of less than 1.6 meters, introduce automatic control equipment with a width of more than two meters and a line speed of more than 150 meters per minute, and conduct scientific management of the production of enterprises at the same time, To enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises is the development focus of corrugated board industry in the future

second, product functions are developing in a diversified direction. Zhongwang has accumulated and explored in aviation aluminum for many years: in 2013, in view of the specifications, characteristics and strict quality requirements of aluminum profiles in the aerospace field, the current corrugated board should develop from a single transportation and packaging function to a multi variety, multi-function and multi-purpose direction. In the field of packaging, high strength, low weight and light weight will replace the traditional five or seven layer board, reflecting the environmental protection concept of high quality and low consumption. At the same time, products should also develop from a single packaging function to beautify product functions. At present, the corrugated board has developed from the traditional a, C, B, D type to e, F, G type corrugated board. The new corrugated board can not only meet the high-strength requirements of lowering or lowering the lower beam along the lead screw, but also reflect the characteristics of saving materials, direct printing and exquisite surface patterns. At present, the three-layer tile board in developed countries in the world has reached more than 80%, while China only accounts for 30%. In addition, the industry should break the situation that a single variety of corrugated board products dominate the market, and develop micro corrugated board, heavy corrugated board, moisture-proof and water-resistant corrugated board, fresh-keeping corrugated board, anti embroidery corrugated board, etc

pallets made of high-strength corrugated cardboard can replace wooden pallets, reduce wood consumption, and corrugated liners can replace foamed plastics to reduce white pollution and replace plastic, wood and metal packaging materials. They have broad market prospects in the field of color TV sets, refrigerators and product packaging

III. the industry should promote the pre printing process. PPEK can also replace metals. The printing of corrugated boxes in China is mostly done after making boards. This kind of printing after board forming is easy to be affected by many factors in the process of high-speed printing, which leads to the low accuracy of multi-color printing of paperboard and cannot meet the requirements of high quality. The flexographic pre printing with water-based ink is to print on the web before the tile plate is formed. After printing, the web is still the web, and then the printed web is used as the tile line on the surface paper of the carton to make the tile plate. Flexographic printing has the advantages of non-toxic, pollution-free, multi-color, large format, low cost, high efficiency, high precision and good quality. It is suitable for the production of large quantities of corrugated boxes such as food and drugs

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