The yield of the hottest textile stocks outperform

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The yield of textile stocks outperformed the market in the first quarter

according to the latest statistics of wind information, as of April 19, the Shanghai Composite Index has risen 6.8% in 69 trading days this year, marking a standard "√" mark on the overall trend. The textile and clothing sector index showed a stronger trend, with a cumulative increase of 9.59% over the same period, outperforming the market by 2.79 percentage points. The annual yield of the whole sector is equivalent to outperforming the market by 41.03%

industry insiders believe that the "boom" of the textile and clothing industry is the biggest logic supporting the strength of individual stocks in this sector. Stocks with the concept of big consumption sprouted in the spring, and related stocks in the textile and clothing sector received high attention from the capital market

up to now, technological innovation is the key to the large but weak plastic flexible packaging material industry. A total of 51 listed textile and clothing companies have disclosed their 2010 annual reports, of which 44 net profits attributable to the shareholders of the parent company have increased year-on-year, accounting for nearly 90%, reflecting the good performance growth trend of this sector

according to the annual report of Huafang textile, the company has achieved the best operating results in history, with a total annual profit of about 180million yuan, and a net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company of about 140million yuan. Based on the company's total shares of 315 million, it is equivalent to earnings per share of 0.44 yuan, which is the highest earnings per share since the establishment of Huafang Textile Co., Ltd

in addition, nine companies including Huamao shares and Fengzhu textile also doubled their performance in 2010, becoming the most beautiful scenery of A-share listed companies. Huamao shares, Fengzhu textile, *st Yuanfa and China garment, which doubled their annual performance, have increased by more than 40% this year

in addition, according to the performance forecast of the first quarter of 2011, among the 17 Listed Companies in the textile and clothing industry that disclosed the performance forecast, electronic universal testing machines are mainly used to measure the physical properties of materials or products, such as "clean energy utilization, industrial foundation, resources and environment, national defense construction", there are 8 pre increase companies, and 3 turnaround companies from the perspective of the scope of the medical device market and the scope of the pharmaceutical market, That is, there were a total of 11 companies reporting good results in the first quarter, accounting for 65% of the number of companies issuing performance forecasts. Bank of China cashmere industry, Huamao shares, Xinmin technology and Vosges shares all experienced continuous substantial growth in last year's annual report and the first quarter of this year's net profit, of which the net profit of Huamao shares increased by more than 400% and 1400% respectively in the two financial reporting cycles

what makes textile and clothing stocks spring is not only the support of performance, but also the full order at the spring and summer ordering meeting, the ability of brand price increase, low-level valuation and so on

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