A brief analysis of the causes of pump vibration a

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A brief analysis of the causes of pump vibration and vibration isolation methods

urban construction tends to be high-rise, and people's domestic water needs to be pressurized and promoted. As an important equipment for pressure promotion, water pump is used more and more widely. However, the noise and vibration problems brought by it also put forward the problem of how to control and protect environmental workers. This paper analyzes the origin of pump vibration into the scientific research achievements of measurement and control technology and related instruments in Chinese scientific research institutions, and puts forward several disposal views

I. causes of pump vibration

1 Due to the poor manufacturing process of the water pump: the rotor is unbalanced; The pump and motor shaft are not concentric; Collision or friction between rotor and stator

2. Due to long service time, the water pump is worn and aged: the impeller is loose; Bearing damage or large bearing clearance

3. There are sundries in the water pump inlet pipe, impeller and pump; The water pump is not fixed firmly with the foundation, and resonance reinforcement occurs

4. When the water pump is working, the accompanying vortex and cavitation will inevitably produce vibration

from this, we can draw a conclusion: there are many reasons for the vibration of the water pump, some of which are inevitable. This requires us to deal with the problem of pump vibration. In addition to strengthening the manufacturing process of the pump itself and reducing the vibration amplitude, installing rubber vibration isolators, spring vibration isolators and energy-saving devices through the feed pump has also become an important method of pump vibration control

II. Control and treatment of pump vibration:

a. installation of spring vibration isolator:

a. selection of pump spring vibration isolator style:

generally, self-supporting spring vibration damper is selected, which has the advantages of simple structure and low cost; The spring is exposed, so it is convenient to observe the state of the spring at any time. The spring that needs to be replaced should be disposed in advance, so as to avoid the sudden settlement of the water pump, equipment damage and pipeline breakage caused by excessive corrosion and damage of the spring

b. selection of spring:

generally, the spring selected by shock absorber manufacturers should meet the following requirements, so that we can choose the appropriate product according to your actual situation: the spring diameter should not be less than 0.8 times its height under rated load; The spring must have a certain additional stroke, and the vortex flowmeter shall be at least equal to 50% of the rated static deflection; The horizontal stiffness of the spring shall be at least 100% of the rigidity to ensure the stability of the shock absorber

c. selection of deflection of spring shock absorber

generally, the rated deflection (rated compression of spring) of the spring shock absorber of the arch raised by the shock absorber manufacturer is generally 25mm (self frequency value is about Hz), which can be applied to the vibration isolation of the water pump at 650 rpm. When the speed is lower than 650, it is recommended to use a spring isolator with a deflection of less than 40

B。 Add rubber vibration isolator:

selection of rubber vibration isolator: the material is generally neoprene (C.R), natural rubber (N.R); Generally, the compression type rubber shock absorber is selected, and the shear type rubber shock absorber can be selected for the light weight water pump

compared with spring shock absorber, the vibration isolation performance of rubber shock absorber is relatively different

c. installing Sui sex base:

in order to meet the more stringent vibration system standards, when installing Sui sex base, using spring isolator is undoubtedly the best choice

Sui sex base specification: the base weight is about times the weight of the water pump; The frame is locked by slot iron, and its height is not less than 1/12 of the length, but not less than 150mm, not more than 300mm; The length and width dimension should be able to cover the whole pump, and it is appropriate to have a margin of CM on each side. And it is better to cover the bay head; Cement is poured inside, and a layer of reinforcement is built at one-third of the height; Install spring isolators to keep the distance between the base and the foundation to cm

second, the effect of vibration control and treatment of water connected to pedicle screw pump:

based on the situation of water pump equipment, the vibration isolation effect of more than% can be achieved through the above methods, so as to fundamentally solve the problems brought by water pump vibration to people's life and industrial production

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