Erenhot, the hottest city, was selected as 93 nati

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Erenhot city was selected as one of the 93 stations of the national sandstorm monitoring network

in 2009, the environmental monitoring station of Erenhot city was selected as one of the 93 stations of the sandstorm monitoring network, and took the lead in completing the initial installation of the project equipment in the whole region on March 28, 2010 before use. The total value of the project equipment is 760000 yuan, and the procurement funds are all provided by the national sandstorm monitoring project. The equipment installed this time mainly includes inhalable particulate matter monitor, suspended particulate matter monitor, visibility monitor, meteorological instruments and related supporting equipment. It has many advantages such as intelligence, low failure rate, long service life and full-automatic continuous monitoring ability

the project is expected to easily generate static electricity this summer. If the installation and commissioning of the Department can continue to make a breakthrough in technology, after the equipment installation is completed, the sand storm monitoring capacity of Erenhot city will be comprehensively improved, and real-time data can be submitted to the national environmental monitoring station at the same time

the construction of this project is of great significance to China's dust storm monitoring, cause analysis and formulation of effective prevention and control measures

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