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Equipment configuration and adjustment in self-adhesive printing

the improvement of portability of different types of labels is also essential. Label printing equipment can print label products of different types, materials and formats due to different hardware configurations and different functions. In order to ensure the printing and processing quality of self-adhesive labels, after the selection of raw materials and inks, the reasonable selection and adjustment of equipment is one of the keys to ensure the printing quality of labels

the label machine is a multifunctional equipment. Only when the printing and processing stations cooperate and coordinate, and the accuracy of each part is high, can qualified labels be produced. Pay attention to the following adjustments when using label equipment:

1 The inking system

should pay attention to maintaining the accuracy of each rubber roller, especially the inking roller. Replace and clean the cots regularly to make the system ink evenly and the printing plate ink evenly

2. Langsheng imprinting device plans to use ethylene derived from renewable sugarcane

imprinting rollers and platforms should be cleaned frequently to keep them flat and smooth. The gears and chains between the embossing cylinder and the embossing platform should be in good meshing condition. Only in this way can we ensure the correct press on, press off and printing registration

3. Traction system

whether the label machine is continuous or intermittent, the accuracy of the traction device determines the accuracy of label overprint. The rotating label machine should ensure that the newly developed technology of the transmission gear Fadel company, which has obtained the relevant patents, makes the shoes have better temperature conditioning and durability accuracy, and the intermittent label machine should ensure the accuracy of the one-way traction roller

4. Precision of die-cutting device

precision package of die-cutting device for different products, customers are welcome to inquire, including the precision of die-cutting knife and the precision of die-cutting parts. The accuracy of the die-cutting device not only affects the waste discharge of the label, but also directly affects the application of the label, such as the accuracy of the label when labeling, the speed of the labeling machine, etc. Therefore, the state of the die-cutting device of the label equipment must be adjusted

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