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Carton factory: ERP management system enhances enterprise competitiveness

in the interview, Ouyang navigation introduced some problems encountered by the company in actual production before the ERP management system: sometimes, there are many monthly sales orders and varieties and specifications, but the order quantity of some orders is very small; On the other hand, we often receive some temporary orders every week or even every day, and the delivery time required by customers is very urgent. Therefore, enterprises will have a series of problems, such as frequent production adjustment, untimely production preparation, difficult production organization, high product cost, low utilization rate of raw materials, high stock of raw materials and large occupation of funds

to this end, Shenjiang carton Co., Ltd. introduced ERP management system. So far, Ouyang Airlines believes that it has played a great role in enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises: it can make orders more effectively and accurately transmitted among various departments. For example, many orders received by enterprises every day will inevitably increase the workload of employees if they are managed manually. After using ERP system, it becomes simple to place an order. With the help of pre-established files, the workload of employees is virtually reduced. As for the accuracy of information transmission, it also plays a great role in the rapid and deep excavation of plastic wood technology

in addition, ouyanghang also concluded that the root causes of the above problems in enterprises in the past are the enterprise's product market positioning, product structure adjustment, marketing methods and customer relationship management are not in place, which is difficult to be solved by information systems alone. At this time, enterprises need to consider what kind of information system they need from a strategic perspective. He believes that the enterprise information system must be combined with the strategic decision-making of the enterprise and the whole planning of the enterprise. The enterprise information system is not a purely technical thing, but must be closely combined with management consulting. Because the introduction of computer network management system is not only the introduction of management tools, but also the introduction of a new management concept and management method at the same time of the introduction of management system. The ideological concept should be updated, and some bad habitual practices in traditional working methods should be abandoned, so that enterprises can form an effective way in operation and production. It is the thinnest and strongest material method in nature at present, Make the enterprise management system more perfect. The introduction of computer management system, on the one hand, is the manifestation of the modernization of enterprise management, on the other hand, it is also the requirement of deepening reform and refining management. Today's society is full of competition. Competition mainly comes from three aspects: quality, price and service. If you want to win in the competition, one of the three is indispensable. It is very important to improve product quality and reduce production costs. This requires smooth internal information, timely understanding of the situation, finding problems and solving problems as soon as possible

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