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ERP M & A in the software industry is expected to be suspended in the past two to three years.

whether Oracle, Microsoft or IBM, including the rumored buyer sap, their strength has reached a certain balance after years of accumulation. The next wave of mergers and acquisitions in the software industry may wait until a few years later, and the manifestation at that time will be very different from the current situation

in mid May, Hasso Plattner, chairman of SAP supervisory committee, said to the outside world, "the company is open to the acquisition of American technology enterprises. If shareholders think it would be better to merge rather than be independent, then merge."

with one word, it immediately caused an uproar in the software industry. Whether SAP will be acquired and by whom has become the focus of the industry. When sap, with a market capitalization of $62billion, became the protagonist of mergers and acquisitions, the shock caused was far-reaching

but not long after, SAP CEO Kong Hanning came forward to refute the rumor, saying that people had misunderstood Plattner's meaning, and the company would remain independent. At the same time, it was found in the interview that many analysts also predicted that the round of ERP mergers and acquisitions centered on the rumors of SAP mergers and acquisitions would end. Zhao Yang, a senior consultant of AMT Enterprise Resource Research Center, said, "at present, sap is in a good profit situation and at the best time in history. It has no reason to sell itself."

another senior consultant of software enterprises who did not want to be named said that the next wave of mergers and acquisitions in the software industry will wait a few years later, and the manifestation at that time will be very different from the current situation

why SAP

sap has become the role of being merged in many rumors. In fact, sap has been developing well since it came out of the low performance in 2002. Although compared with Oracle, Microsoft and even IBM, sap has the shortest industrial chain and the most lack of system underlying technology, such as database and middleware, which leads to the most limited influence of SAP on the whole industry, it performs well in the enterprise application software market

why does such an excellent enterprise application software manufacturer repeatedly get the news of being merged? Zhao Yang, who has been paying attention to the mergers and acquisitions of international manufacturers, said that the market value of Microsoft and IBM has exceeded 100 billion, and IBM has always been a symbol of the United States, involving many information security systems in the United States. These Big Macs cannot become the targets of mergers and acquisitions. Oracle, on the other hand, is a full-service enterprise, which has application software involving various industries from the underlying database to the upper level. No matter which of the three companies has obvious complementary relationship with SAP. "Obviously, sap is the most potential acquiree and the most appropriate acquiree in all kinds of reasoning."

Liang Xingang, an Analysys International Consultant, told that among the four founders of sap, except Hasso Plattner, the chairman of the Regulatory Committee, the other three had all left sap, and Hasso Plattner was only a nominal chairman. "Therefore, SAP complies with the principle that the founders basically leave, which is completely different from Microsoft with Bill Gates and Oracle with Ellison."

a hidden rule about mergers and acquisitions in the industry is that enterprises without original founders often have limited negative impact on enterprises after mergers and acquisitions

when HP merged Compaq, the directors of the two founder families expressed opposition to the merger plan. Therefore, after the merger, the internal contradictions of the company became more and more intense, and even resorted to law, resulting in increased acquisition costs

sap avoids this problem. Not only did the founder basically have no voice in the board of directors, but also the performance of professional manager Kong Hanning was recognized by the board of directors

analysts said that at a time when the tide of mergers and acquisitions in the software industry is surging, SAP will inevitably be plagued with rumors as soon as there is a storm

in May this year, Hasso Plattner said: "sap has only three potential buyers: IBM, Microsoft and Google. If shareholders think it would be better to merge rather than be independent, then merge." This has become the starting point of rumors that sap was merged. Zhao Yang said: "Hasso Plattner's words are obviously taken out of context by the media. If the acquisition is really necessary, the market will not be able to carry out the compressive elastic modulus and shear elastic modulus of rubber bearings as calm as now." Liang Xingang believed that "SAP cannot sell itself with such a good profit prospect. Change (6) the experimental process shows the change value of load displacement and experimental speed. Plastic has become an ideal material for manufacturing household appliances"

learned that when Kong Hanning just took office as CEO, SAP had encountered a deep crisis. In October 2002, SAP's share price fell below $10, but now, SAP's share price is above $50

although the rumor that SAP has been merged and the tensile testing machine is mainly used for the testing and discussion of mechanical performance indicators such as tension, contraction and twists of various metal, non-metal and composite materials has been gradually dispelled, the relationship between IBM and SAP is still the most ambiguous. Many people once expected IBM, a big Mac, to swallow sap, the best enterprise application software manufacturer. In this way, not only will IBM's historical tradition of not getting involved in application software be broken, but neither Microsoft nor Oracle will be able to compete with such a super luxury combination, and the whole market pattern will be more stable

this conjecture is doomed to fail to become a reality. Konghanning believes that although 95% of the businesses of sap and IBM are complementary, the cooperation between the two sides is in the best period, and there is no need to make any changes. He told: "we are an independent enterprise and strong enough, so there is no reason (to merge with other companies)."

Zhao Yang analyzed that IBM has moved away from the stage of pursuing scale and is completely in a profit oriented period. "In recent years, IBM's business has been subtracting rather than adding. IBM has been selling hardware products such as hard disk business and PC business. Logically, IBM will not take risks to acquire sap."

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