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Equipment introduction of Mazak machine tool chip conveyor manufacturer

machine tool chip conveyor manufacturer. It is mainly used for conveying powder, particles, curls or short chips cut by metal and non-metal materials. It is suitable for machining center machine tools, with small floor space, convenient installation and wide selection range of propulsion speed. The required length can be designed according to the machine tool or installed in the x-axis to enhance the chip removal effect. It can also be combined with its chip removal device to form different forms of chip removal systems. Main features of spiral chip conveyor: it can be made into horizontal or with lifting height. It can be used alone or in combination. Simple structure and flexible installation. Generally, the horizontal chip removal can adopt the shaftless spiral, which can be designed in the form of variable pitch between the chip input end and the output end, which is conducive to the conveying of chips. Spiral pieces with shafts should be used for chip removal with lifting, and the diameter of the chip removal port should be increased to increase the chip pushing strength, which is conducive to chip discharge. It is not suitable for removing long strip and fibrous chips. Structural characteristics of spiral chip conveyor: compact structure, composed of reducer, coupling sleeve, connecting flange and other parts. Convenient installation and small floor area. Fix it on the machine tool with the connecting disc. It is easy to disassemble and repair. The chain plate chip conveyor is mainly used to collect and transport all kinds of roll, ball and block chips, as well as copper chips, aluminum chips, stainless steel chips, carbon blocks, nylon and other materials that cannot be solved by the magnetic chip conveyor. It is widely used in all kinds of CNC machine tool machining centers, modular machine tools and flexible production lines. It can also be used as a conveyor for small parts of stamping and cold pier machine tools, which is applied to sanitation, In food production and transportation, it can improve the operating environment, reduce labor intensity and improve the automation of the whole machine. Chain plates can be made of stainless steel and cold-rolled plates according to user requirements. The scraper chip removal device has a wide selection range of conveying speed, high work efficiency and diversified effective chip removal width, which can provide sufficient selection range, such as CNC machine tools, machining centers, grinders and automatic lines. ④ loose metal sand particles, abrasive particles and automobile pointers in the process of grinding; Aluminum chips in the industry have a good effect. Special chains are installed on both sides of the scraper. The height and distribution spacing of the scraper can be designed randomly, so the transmission is stable, the structure is compact, and the strength is good. According to the needs of users, steel recoil, chip scraper, vortex separator, oil-water separator, etc. can be added to form an integrated filtration system to improve the surface processing accuracy of products, save coolant, and reduce the labor intensity of workers. It is a widely used auxiliary device of machine tools

protective operation required by the machine tool chip conveyor during operation: correct operation can ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and so can the machine tool chip conveyor. Next, we will summarize several things we need to do when the equipment is running. 1. The operator should operate correctly according to the instructions. 2. However, check the oil filling volume in the reducer and check whether there is oil leakage at the seal of the chip conveyor of the machine tool. 3. When operating the equipment at the beginning, be sure to start it first and then remove the chips. 4. More than 20% of the equipment has reached or approached the international advanced level. The tightness of screws and scrapers should be tested for a period of time, and problems found should be solved in time. 5. Always deal with the debris at the scraper to prevent it from being brought into the lower groove to add resistance. 6. Always pay attention to the operation of the chip conveyor of the machine tool and find abnormalities, such as excessive noise. If the temperature is too high, shut down the machine immediately. The chip conveyor is mainly used to collect all kinds of metal and non-metal waste generated by the machine, and will transfer these waste to the collection vehicle. There are scraper type chip conveyor, chain plate type chip conveyor, magnetic chip conveyor and screw type chip conveyor. And the equipment can be used to recover all kinds of coolant together with the filter water tank. The chip conveyor is small in size, high in efficiency, high in strength, accurate in coordination, stable and quiet in action. The compact bump design can effectively prevent the adhesion of debris and increase the ability of chip removal. Magnetic chip conveyor is widely used in machine tools and automatic lines. It is also an important chip conveyor for separating ferromagnetic material chips in water and oil coolant treatment systems. It has advantages in dealing with cast iron chips, iron chips and gear machine tool chips. The chain plate chip conveyor is mainly used to collect and transport all kinds of roll, ball and block chips, as well as copper chips, aluminum chips, stainless steel chips, carbon blocks, nylon and other materials. It is widely used in all kinds of CNC machine tool processing centers, and can also be used in health and food industries, which can improve the operating environment and reduce labor intensity

the amount of chip removal of chip removal machine is mainly related to the form of chip removal. For example, the amount of chip removal of chain plate chip removal machine is different from that of magnetic chip removal machine. When purchasing chip removal machine, it is not because this is a new technology that we should only look at the amount of chip removal. The main reasons that affect the amount of chip removal are speed, effective chip removal width, magnetic block spacing or scraper speed. When the chip removal width and spacing (specification and model) are certain, the rise and fall of rotating speed determines the amount of chip removal, so the amount of chip removal will increase wear. Secondly, pay attention to semi dry and non wet iron filings. Magnetic chip removal machine is especially difficult to deal with this kind of iron chips. The usual way is to turn this kind of iron filings completely into wet, and then design the chip conveyor according to wet processing. In the chip removal system, sometimes the machine tool with coolant is treated separately to prevent it from mixing into the chip removal line

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