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Ericsson launched the "experience first" telecom management service centered on user experience

Ericsson launched the new experience centric managed services to further enhance the importance of user experience

in this mode, consumer expectations and operators' business objectives can be coordinated with the management and operation of the network and it environment

it will create business differentiation New opportunities for specialization and innovation

cti Forum on February 19 (Yang Yi): due to the rapid development of data services and the continuous popularity of intelligence and other devices, consumers have taken high-performance and high-quality connections for granted, and their tolerance for service interruptions or dropped calls has been very low. If users are not satisfied with the service of an operator, they can immediately turn to other brands, products and services. Therefore, operators are paying more and more attention to their users. In order to comply with this trend, Ericsson today announced the launch of experience centric managed services centered on user experience

in the traditional sense, the goal of telecom management services is to improve cost efficiency, reduce the complexity of network operations, and ensure network quality. These goals are tracked and measured through a large number of preset technical key performance indicators (KPIs). The relationship between manufacturers and operators is a typical buying and selling relationship, and the adopted price model is also a fixed price model

cutting edge new materials are incubators that lead the development direction of new material technology and give birth to emerging industries

unlike them, the new experience first telecom management service model is designed to meet operators' increasing expectations for telecom management services, especially in ensuring user satisfaction. The success of this model will be measured by service and customer experience related KPIs and technical KPIs. Service and customer experience KPIs mainly include service availability, service availability, service activation time and service response time

experience first telecom management services will help improve the agility and speed of operators, thus freeing up resources and focusing more on improving the level of specialization and innovation to enhance user experience and customer relations

Valter D Avino, head of Ericsson telecom management service, said: in the past, the main driving force for operators to sign telecom management service agreements was to reduce costs. Now, the experience oriented telecom management service with user experience as the center will play an important role in the strategy of operators, help them seize new business opportunities, reshape their market position, and ensure to meet the expectations of the two wheel drive strategists of consumer modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry

this new model will also shape a valuable humanistic strategic environment by promoting close cooperation, initiative and innovation. Experience centered telecom management services mean that manufacturers and operators will establish partnerships, and both sides will coordinate their business objectives through the risk return pricing model. In addition, it also provides an integrated approach to telecom management services that integrates network and it environments

the two pillars of telecom management services are customer experience and telecom management service experience. Customer experience includes KPI, user service guarantee and providing the best tracking and measurement tools among similar products; The telecom management service experience includes the joint strategic framework of coordinating strategies through sharing business evaluation indicators, mainly designing fixtures based on the shape and material of samples, value assurance components for measuring, tracking and ensuring business benefits in the cycle, and business innovation components that help greatly release business value

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