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Fuxiang automobile ERP project implementation case

Fuzhou Fuxiang Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. is a supporting plant of Fujian southeast automobile, mainly supporting the production of frame and chassis components of southeast automobile delika, fulika, Lingshuai car and other series models, with an annual output value of 120 million yuan

with the continuous development of the enterprise and the increasingly fierce competition, the company recognizes that informatization is imperative. In 2001, it began the selection of informatization products, and has inspected a number of ERP manufacturers

in 2002, the southeast automobile general factory began the evaluation and selection of supply chain system. Among the many manufacturers participating in the election, Fuxiang finally selected the products of Digital China e-flight. After several rounds of evaluation, it signed a contract with digital China and became one of the top customers of Digital China in southeast automobile. Fuxiang believes that digital China's Yifei ERP products have comprehensive functions in production management and MRP. The design of seamless integration of logistics, capital flow and information flow can meet the management needs of all levels in the factory. In addition, according to other customers, the post customization service of Digital China is relatively meticulous, and its Yifei ERP system is implemented by consultants with many years of experience, who are very familiar with the ERP application and implementation of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. In addition, Yifei ERP is quite complete in terms of product maturity, service coverage and industry applicability, and has a complete system import procedure supported by consultants to ensure the success of online, which is also very suitable for national conditions. Moreover, digital China has a complete product line, which can meet the different requirements of enterprises in different periods. Therefore, Fuxiang people believe that it is wise to choose Yifei ERP as the enterprise management software and digital China as its partner

after the first round of online implementation, Fuxiang will increase the number of users of other types of plastic machine products, and then continue to purchase cost, automatic entry, and fixed asset modules. Its brother enterprises in Shenyang also signed on to Yifei ERP products in April, and Taiwan head office has also entered the import and evaluation stage of Yifei ERP

in the first stage, the signing module includes purchase, sales and inventory, production, MRP, a/R and a/P, and general ledger. It establishes the policy of implementing purchase, sales and inventory and production first, and then running MRP after the inventory is accurate and all kinds of daily changes are timely and accurate, so as to fully implement the computerization of enterprises

when the micron aluminum powder production process mainly adopts the atomization method to produce and plan its product number coding, the initial raw material once had such a small episode: "how to adopt practical coding for steel coil, and make a compromise between the physical object and the ideal", so it was delayed. Because the physical object operation, the steel coil has different properties in each feed, such as weight; Although the material, width and thickness are specified in the purchase order, due to the slight differences in thickness and length in the production process of the steel plant, the weight of the steel coil is difficult to be consistent, and can only be distinguished from the material, width and thickness; As long as the thickness of the same material is the same, although the width is slightly different, the steel coil of 1mm has no impact on the use of Fuxiang itself. At the same time, the steel coil accounts for an absolutely high proportion in the cost of Fuxiang products. After analysis, the staff of Fuxiang task force realized that in order to implement computerization, it is necessary to manage the coding of steel coils and the matching of steel coils into iron plates and put them into BOM. After discussing and determining the coding of steel coils, we should put aside the problem of inconsistent feed weight caused by the differences of the same material, thickness and width each time, and determine the classification code of steel coils by material, thickness and width, Subtle differences are considered to be the same material as long as they have no impact on the product quality

scrap is a common problem in the metal processing industry. The steel coil is cut into material, and the material will have scrap of different sizes more or less after stamping in the factory. Some of the scrap can be directly sold as scrap, while some can be used to stamp into smaller parts

the effective utilization of leftover materials is directly related to the production cost of products. After analysis, it is determined that leftover materials must first have numbers and costs; The size and weight of the leftover materials produced each time are different, and there are no fixed attributes, so they can only be numbered according to the range of material and volume. A number within a certain range of material and volume can be used to process a class of products. After the number is determined, the corresponding substitution relationship needs to be set in the substitution parts, In this way, during run MRP, the system can automatically consider the leftover materials in the inventory to replace the main materials; And the cost of leftover materials is obtained through the warehousing of by-products, that is, a certain proportion of the cost of stamping semi-finished products is shared

during the discussion of process planning, according to the characteristics of mixed line production, serial delivery, open warehouse and so on in the automotive industry, plan its production to set up a line side warehouse and generate the picking quantity according to the warehousing quantity. Although the quantity of materials used for products is certain, such as materials are collected by "pieces", stamping semi-finished products are collected by "pieces", nuts are collected by "pieces", etc., Fuxiang's products are delivered to southeast by sequence, with frequent delivery and large product changes; The production process from billing to warehousing is very short. Between 30 minutes and 4 hours, the number of work orders of finished products and semi-finished products that are scheduled to the production line every day is sometimes as large as 200. If this situation is produced by batch picking, it will inevitably cause the production line to delay production due to the untimely receipt of materials. In fact, in the production process, the warehouse is an open warehouse, and the production line directly fetches materials from the warehouse according to the work order, so the material flow rhythm is fast; The over consumption of production units and the inaccurate filling of documents have always been a headache for Fuxiang

according to the above situation, Fuxiang plans to set up phase I factory main warehouse, phase II factory main warehouse, development trial batch warehouse, defective product warehouse and scrap warehouse, cancel the line side warehouse issuing system, and carry out material account management with multiple storage spaces of foam granulator and weekly cycle inventory. Except for the development trial batch warehouse, defective product warehouse and scrap warehouse, the other main warehouses are completely open to the production line, and the production line directly takes materials from the main warehouse for production according to the work order, The warehouse generates the picking list according to its work order warehousing quantity, and deducts the materials from the main warehouse by "automatic deduction". It also promotes document improvement, and adopts the "three in one of work order, picking list and warehouse payment with full digital technology, so as to accurately track the issuance and settlement of work orders, and it is also brewing that the company's property management will implement board viewing production in the future, and will be equipped with process flow for in-process management, so that the production unit's over consumption and untrue document filling will gradually decrease"; The weekly combined cycle inventory inspection also ensures the accuracy of the quantity of materials in the material warehouse, and lays a foundation for the accuracy of inventory and production cost calculation. At the same time, an outsourcing warehouse is set up for outsourcing suppliers, and the materials are first transferred by Fuxiang material warehouse

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