The hottest German workers build a win-win bridge

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Degong builds a "win-win bridge" with integrity

Guide: treat people with integrity, and people don't deceive me; Everything can be done with integrity. Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise and the spiritual driving force of an enterprise. Degong machinery has been acting in good faith for a long time and has the business philosophy of win-win cooperation. In the past year, reed machinery has sincerely cooperated with local agents to cooperate with

"if you are honest with people, people will not deceive me; if you are honest with things, everything will be done". Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise and the spiritual driving force of an enterprise. Based on the concept of "acting in good faith, cooperation and win-win", Chen Yang, the product manager of Jishi of Taizhou Jigu Rubber Co., Ltd., has been working with local agents in the past year to build a bridge between agents with "integrity"

at the just concluded "2014 annual meeting of Degong machinery agents", Liaoning agent Shi Yingming, who won the 2013 "very good faith Award", said in his speech that he could not adopt this method. In the past 2013, Degong machinery was accurate in market judgment, timely in policy delivery, and increasingly improved in sales ability. Every piece of it warmed the hearts of agents all the time and inspired the fighting spirit of agents, Everything explains the truth that "the factory is the home of the agents, and the agents are the relatives of the factory". Through sincere cooperation, manufacturers have achieved a win-win situation

"industry can't stand without faith, and people can't believe without sincerity". Adhering to the word "integrity", Degong has achieved reverse growth of the enterprise, improved the quality of products year by year, and achieved healthy and stable development of economic benefits, laying a solid foundation for sustainable development, and achieving a win-win situation between the enterprise and users. With the support of every agent, Degong is confident and determined to meet new challenges and create a more brilliant tomorrow on the road of the future

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