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Analysis of confectionery production and packaging market at home and abroad

1. Overview of confectionery production at home and abroad

1.1 production and sales volume

the production and sales volume of confectionery and chocolate in China has maintained a growth trend for five consecutive years, becoming one of the fast-growing industries in the food industry. It is expected that in the next few years, China's confectionery and chocolate industry will maintain a growth rate of about 8% - 12%. In 2005, the total output value of candy and chocolate exceeded 30billion yuan, and the total output value of jelly reached 8billion yuan. At present, China's per capita consumption of candy and chocolate is only 0.7kg, about 1/10 of developed countries and 1/3 of the international per capita level. China's candy and chocolate market has a huge space. If it can reach the international level, the total volume of China's candy and chocolate market will reach more than 2.7 million tons. China's candy and chocolate consumption market has great potential, which is favored by the international candy industry

looking at the sales of the global candy market, the largest candy market is the United States, Russia has the largest per capita consumption, Switzerland has the largest per capita consumption of chocolate in the world, followed by the United States. China and India are quite low in per capita consumption, which can be said to be markets with great development potential

1.2 mature markets and developing markets

the global market is divided into mature markets and developing markets, of which mature markets include Western Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and developing markets include eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Chocolate is the main product in the mature market, while hard candy is the main product in the developing market. The mature market accounts for 69% of the world's chocolate sales, while the developing market only accounts for 31%; In the candy market, the mature market accounts for 44% of the total market, and the developing market accounts for 56%. What is more noteworthy is that the average growth rate of developing markets is 4%, while that of mature markets is only 2%. From the per capita consumption statistics, the mature market is 9.36kg/person · year, while the developing market is 1.16kg/person · year. The European countries with more annual consumption include Switzerland 15.3kg/person, Britain 13.7kg/person, Belgium 12kg/person and Denmark 8.9kg/person. Obviously, the per capita consumption of developing markets is only about 1/10 of that of mature markets, so there is great development potential for developing markets

1.3 technological innovation for development

in addition to the innovation of new processes and technologies, the application of new raw and auxiliary materials and food additives, the introduction of various new equipment windows Jisa 4706 ⑵ 000 and the innovation of packaging also play a crucial role. In recent years, with the large-scale entry of international candy companies into the Chinese market, the competition in the domestic candy and chocolate market has become increasingly fierce. The packaging of candy and chocolate products plays a vital role in product quality, hygiene and shelf life. The latest standard we use for exquisite and beautiful bags is gb/t229 ⑵ 007 "metallic materials Charpy pendulum test method". Packaging is often a magic weapon to open the market. Industry insiders believe that there is still a big gap between the underwater production and packaging of candy and chocolate products in China and developed countries. Only relying on technological innovation can we shorten the gap in a short time

2. Candy production development trend

2.1 product development trend

2.1.1 overall trend

from the "36th Cologne international candy and snacks Exhibition" held in Cologne, Germany, from January 29 to February 1, 2006, it was learned that the new trend of global candy popularity is that there is a large demand for high-quality products and natural foods, and transparent packaging has become a new trend. Therefore, in general, the future development trend is that high-quality candy and chocolate will continue to develop, and chewing gum and functional candy will have greater development. According to the analysis of insiders, the future demand for candy in the world is: soft cake, gum and jelly account for 23.2% of the total demand, hard candy accounts for 21.5%, mint sugar accounts for 13.6%, toffee and nougat account for 11.6%, medicinal candy accounts for 9.5%, and other candy accounts for 20.6%. Sugar free products are potential types in the development of candy. In the developing market, the sales volume will continue to grow. The steady improvement of consumer purchasing power, the growth of population and the advertising of manufacturers will promote the growth of the market; In mature markets, the application of new ingredients and new concepts in technology and packaging will increase the added value of products and increase sales

2.1.2 high quality product development and return to nature

quality and quality play a very important role in product innovation. A recent survey of the lifestyle of heavy chocolate consumers found that these consumers have a strong pursuit of "fashion", "quality", "identity" and "health". 50.3% of consumers agree that "I like to pursue popular, fashionable and novel products"; 44.1% of consumers agree that "between popularity and practicality, I prefer popularity"; While 60.4% of consumers chose "like to buy products with unique styles", and 59.4% agreed "I intend to spend more money on high-quality products"; 57.9% chose "eating famous brands can improve a person's identity"; 71.9% of consumers agree that "I prefer food beneficial to health and beauty"; 69% agreed that "if not, you can try another computer or serial cable. I like products with natural ingredients". It can be seen that the development of high-quality products and the return to natural food is an inevitable trend

recently, the functional foods company of the United States developed "smartchocolate", which is a new product made of organic Belgian milk chocolate. It features a unique French truffle heart and contains a variety of medicinal ingredients, such as Hypericum, ginseng, gingko and green tea. The first four products are "smartchocolate energy", "smartchocolate memory", "smartchocolate late serenity" and "smartchocolate passion". Each product contains the daily recommended amount of effective medicinal plants

2.1.3 development growth of low-energy and sugar free products

low energy eelcee company won the JEC innovation award during JEC Asia Exhibition. Candy has gradually become the consumption hotspot and development focus of today's international candy market, and the market potential is huge. Replacing sucrose with polyols can well reduce the energy of products, and polyols are not used by oral microorganisms, so they will not cause dental caries. Great progress has been made in the development of sugar free chocolate with sugar alcohols at the University of Wisconsin in the United States. Blood pressure lowering and hypoglycemic functional candy is processed with Isomaltooligosaccharide, sorbitol and granulated sugar as the main raw materials, together with ginkgo leaves, cassia seed, semen Raphani extract and other auxiliary materials. Sugar free dietary fiber soft candy is developed with chitosan and konjak flour as dietary fiber raw materials, as gelling agent and shaping agent of soft candy, and sodium cyclamate and xylitol as sweeteners instead of sucrose

According to statistics, the development of sugar free products has exceeded 30billion yuan in 2005, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%. It can be seen that this market is a rising market, in which sugar free candy and snack products are favored by modern consumers with the characteristics of nutrition, health care and fashion, so they have greater market potential. Germany's Nande sugar factory pointed out that the development trend of producing candy with sugar substitutes in Europe is very obvious, especially chewing gum. At present, sugar alcohols that have been approved for use in China include maltitol, sorbitol, xylitol, lactose alcohol and erythritol. The development of sugar free candy in China has also started. Sugar free candy can be easily bought in supermarkets in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries. In addition, Japan and other countries have developed various functional chewing gum in recent years, such as calcium supplement chewing gum, deodorization and fragrance generation chewing gum, special chewing gum for smokers, and ecological chewing gum

making sugar free chocolate with inulin instead of granulated sugar in the formula can give the product health care function. In the European market, inulin has been used in the manufacture of chocolate. Compared with the products made from sugar alcohol, the chocolate made from inulin/fructose and inulin/sugar alcohol has significantly improved its flavor and nutrition. Because inulin participates in Maillard reaction, the flavor of its products is improved. Inulin and strong sweetener have good synergistic effect when used at the same time, making the sweetness more mellow. Inulin can also increase the fiber content of products, can be used as prebiotic energy, and help calcium absorption

2.2 development trend of production equipment

in recent years, domestic candy technology experts have made gratifying achievements in introduction, cooperation and independent innovation. In terms of candy equipment, they have successively launched inflatable milk candy production line, colloidal soft candy automatic line, ultra thin film vacuum instantaneous boiling unit, cotton candy production line, etc; Packaging machinery includes single kink packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high-speed pillow packaging machine, etc. In terms of chocolate equipment, there are multi-functional chocolate pouring lines, automatic lines for chocolate composite products, chocolate extrusion lines, chocolate rapid refiners, etc

2.2.1 develop in the direction of multi-function

multi function is a trend in the development of new equipment, because candy varieties have many patterns and are updated quickly, and manufacturers require multi-function and strong adaptability to the equipment. For example, the ultra thin film vacuum instantaneous boiling unit has changed the shortage that the previous sugar boiling equipment can only adapt to a single variety. As long as the parameters such as steam pressure, temperature, vacuum degree and flow are adjusted, it can adapt to the boiling requirements of various varieties. The recently developed automatic line for chocolate composite products has the function of producing candy, composite chocolate products and coating products. Using the whole line, it can produce high-quality composite chocolate with various sugar cores and different laminations. For example, only the molding part of the front end can be used, and rectangular varieties such as nougat, toffee, Swiss sugar, milk candy can be produced. If the coating part of the back end is used, it can meet the surface coating requirements of various products

2.2.2 development in the direction of automation

most of the newly launched equipment now adopts the latest technologies such as internationally popular servo motors and photoelectric tracking, which greatly improves its automatic control ability. For example, the automatic line for chocolate composite products is composed of nearly 20 units. Due to the differences in process requirements of different products, there are not only the problems of adjustment of each unit itself, but also the problems of speed coordination between each unit during operation, The unit adopts a total speed converter to control the speed converter of each unit, that is, to control the relatively constant speed of each unit such as the bus, and to set the speed ratio of each unit to realize process automation

3. packaging development trend

3.1 packaging concept

the development level of a country's packaging industry and its packaging design and R & D concept are important signs of the degree of civilization in the country's economic life. The packaging industry not only covers many production fields such as the design and production of packaging products, packaging printing, the supply of packaging raw and auxiliary materials, packaging machinery and packaging equipment manufacturing, but also its packaging products participate in every link of the primary to tertiary industries and goods circulation. It is a permanent Society for the packaging industry to dispose, recycle and recycle the used packaging materials. Therefore, the development of packaging industry is closely related to the globalization of global economy and the sustainable development of human society. As a "sunrise industry", the packaging industry will play an important role in the development of the global manufacturing industry and the international circulation of its products

the packaging of candy and chocolate products mainly has three functions

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