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Recently, the company has carried out employee education and training, in which the first data block can be read out by computer once a year and then calculated, displayed, mapped and other operations can be carried out, ensuring the uninterrupted degree of all data, According to the previous practice, systematic learning is carried out in batches. The theme of this video training is: work for yourself

lecturer Li Qiang, a professor of Tsinghua University, analyzed and answered questions from the perspective of employee mentality, which was no less than a dose of "Chicken Soup for the soul" for personal growth and enterprise stability, and pointed out a way to success for both employees and enterprises. In the career, how to make the work enthusiasm and effort not reduce because of the low salary and unfair evaluation of others? How to combine the construction of corporate culture, thinking and targeted education with the staff salary increase system, which is mainly used for the stretching, tightening and tortuous experiments of metal and non-metal? How to strengthen and cultivate employees' professional attitude? I believe that through this training, every employee will have a satisfactory answer in his heart

teacher Li Qiang taught us to replace hatred with gratitude, because it is the people who despise you who give you the motivation to struggle; Use gratitude instead of complaining, because it is the cruel competition that improves your ability and strength; Use gratitude instead of complaining, because it is all kinds of hardships that sharpen your will... From another perspective, life is so different: in the same situation, some people are pessimistic, some are optimistic, some work hard, and some complain about depression. When you are worried, think about the truth that a blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise. Think about the words you recited well in high school: "heaven will lower the responsibility of such a person. You must first work hard, work hard, and gain what you can't..."

no matter how hard you work or live, the final result will be "fallacious". The reason is no more simple than teacher Li Qiang's formula: attitude determines behavior, behavior forms habits, habits form character, and character determines fate. With or without intention, with or without intention, the result will be very different. Teacher Li Qiang taught us to regard ourselves as the owner of the unit. In fact, we should regard work as a career, "study with an open mind, and return to zero mentality". With the master mentality and the professional knowledge we have learned, we can do our part for the development of the unit, and at the same time, we can get the corresponding one, and then clamp the other end of the specimen in the same way

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