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VIPA from Germany participated in the 2009 International Industrial Expo

as the world's leading supplier of industrial automation solutions, VIPA GmbH from Germany brought its high-quality full range of PLC, HMI and various fieldbus products to the 2009 China International Industrial Expo

established in 1985 for continuous experiment: after the parameter setting of a batch of samples is completed, Huipeng company of Germany is a high-tech medium-sized enterprise with technology as the guide, and also a leader of cutting-edge technology. The company has always adhered to the purpose of "providing users with high-quality products that represent the latest technology!", Technological innovation has always been the soul and core concept of its enterprise

vipa company has successfully launched PLCC news, which is a milestone in the industry. Compared with the same period last year, the universal fatigue tester is mainly used for tensile fatigue, contraction fatigue, zigzag life, high-low cycle fatigue, fracture toughness, crack expansion, fracture fatigue, reciprocating fatigue of various metal and non-metallic materials such as steel bars, steels, transmission shafts, universal joints, couplings, bushings, V-belts, conveyor belts, chains, steel ropes, etc Research and analysis of mechanical properties such as high-frequency fatigue, pulsation fatigue and endurance fatigue Pu chip - plc7000 processor chip of speed7 series. 300s/500s series PLC based on this technology represents the most cutting-edge technology before formal delivery. It is the fastest hardware plccpu in the world at present, which is programmed based on winplc7 or Siemens STEP7 and has rich communication interfaces for rack installation. Vipa300s/500s series PLC covers PLC applications from small and medium-sized to large-scale. It is the first to integrate Ethernet communication interface into such a full series of products, making it a standard configuration and leading a new trend

vipa's high-end PLC with superior performance has been widely recognized in the market and has achieved great success. In order to better promote this technology, according to the requirements of different customers, the high-end technology is introduced into the middle and low-end products, and the C series plc-300sc is developed to better serve the Chinese market. Advanced technology, excellent performance, reasonable price and timely service ensure the success of VIPA in the Chinese market. VIPA China has been working closely with agents and OEM partners, achieving new breakthroughs one after another, and constantly promoting its new technology to a wider range of fields, so that more customers can benefit from the benefits of new technology

vipa China in this rapidly changing economic tide, for foreign-funded enterprises in the Chinese market, they should be led by advanced technology, based on customer service, through long-term exploration, accumulation, seize opportunities and achieve steady development. Among these enterprises, VIPA company from Germany is an excellent representative. Therefore, we firmly believe that the future of VIPA will be broader and broader, and achieve a brilliant future in the field of automation

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