The hottest German workers hold the assembly proce

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In order to strengthen quality management and standardize the ability of employees to implement process standards, on June 29, German workers organized assembly line employees to hold a training meeting on process standards

the training mainly trained employees on such topics as "process code", "assembly operation process instruction", "professional skills of assemblers" and biomedical materials such as human tissue repair materials, "hydraulic force adding technology of hydraulic universal material experimental machine for general assemblers", etc. At the meeting, the trainees explained the contents, key points, difficulties and precautions of the production process in an all-round way in combination with the actual situation, and explained and interpreted the assembly process of key parts in detail

through training, the theoretical knowledge and technical knowledge of employees are expanded and extended, so that employees have a deeper understanding and understanding of process specifications, which lays a foundation for the company to continuously improve product quality through constant speed testing, cycle testing, programming testing, etc

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