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Germany Weilang electric attended 20 "Therefore, on November 4, 2008, 20 see if you can make an accurate test. The 2008 China International Industrial Expo was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As one of the pioneers of electrical connection products in the world, Weilang electric of Germany, with its leading technology in the industrial field and mature electrical connection solutions, successfully attracted the attention of many professional users at the exhibition.

since 2004, it has been built in China Since the establishment of the first office, Weilang Electric has been widely used in office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls and other construction fields all over China. 2 we have effectively improved the effectiveness of the quality management system and process. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, lighting effects and outdoor lighting have also been applied to Weilang's connection products. Relying on Weilang's leading technology in the world, the human work of electrical wiring is greatly saved and the safety of system operation is guaranteed

at this exhibition, with the theme of "safe and applicable safety products for all applications", Weilang showed 4000 series safety switchgear and modular safety systems Samos and samospro series that meet the stopcategory1 standard. Samos system monitors all safety functions, including setting function, and realizes the function of diagnostic information through a PROFIBUS DP module controlled by PLC. In Shanghai formula F1 circular runway project, some dangerous areas are protected by various safety equipment (such as protective doors, safety platforms, emergency switches, lighting cabinets, etc.), and these equipment are monitored by the safety module system Samos of Weilang electric, ensuring the safe and smooth progress of the competition

relying on its technical advantages in safety, Weilang can provide high-tech products with added value while meeting customers' technical needs, so that customers can have lower costs, better product quality and better after-sales service

about Weilang

since its establishment in 1910, Weilang has always been based on science and technology, and has adhered to continuous innovation and reform. The green environmental connectors it produces have been widely used in industrial automation (at) and building installation technology (bit). With the successful completion of Weilang Electric China Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, Weilang Electric has brought its experience and achievements in Germany into the Chinese market since then. Over the years, Weilang Electric has sought localization development from a strategic perspective, registered and established a factory in Jiading, Shanghai, with strong versatility, and gradually realized localized production. China is a country with infinite potential and vitality, and Weilang electric knows this well. At present, the annual sales volume is increasing by 100%. In the next 5-10 years, Weilang electric plans to take China as its sales, production and logistics center in Asia. In order to achieve this goal, with the continuous development and expansion of market demand and business, Weilang Electric China Co., Ltd. established a Beijing Office in early 2006 to be responsible for its business in the northern region Guangzhou office was established in 2008 At the same time, the company recruits talents and welcomes excellent agents to actively join the sales network of Weilang. So far, Wei Lang China has grown rapidly in China and made remarkable achievements, which has strengthened the confidence and grasp of Wei Lang's development in China. Wei Lang is willing and hopes to work with colleagues in the Chinese industry to create a better future

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