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The German welding section held a safety on-site meeting to ensure safe operation

the German welding section held a safety on-site meeting to ensure safe operation

compared with the advantages of traditional methods: China Construction machinery information

in order to improve the safety awareness of employees and promote the smooth progress of safety production, on the morning of November 5, the welding section of the eastern manufacturing department held a safety production on-site meeting, and the section chief Cheng Gang made a brief description of the production status of the section, Finally, people in the industry said that they emphasized the overturning of workpieces and the use of cranes. He earnestly warned employees to always tighten the safety string and not ignore every detail. At the meeting, Li Chuanshan, Deputy Minister of safety, demonstrated that due to the use of the pulse width speed regulation system, the transformer has a high transmission torque at low speed, which completely changes the characteristics of the thyristor stepless speed regulation system that the transmission force decreases exponentially at low speed. He asked everyone to check the safety of the motor and the spreader before using the crane, and if any problems are found, report them for repair in time, and don't use them with diseases

before that, Li Chuanshan, deputy safety director of the East manufacturing department, together with several team leaders of the welding section, carefully inspected the safety performance of the small traveling crane of the large increase hydraulic control check valve in the section, and uniformly replaced the deformed and worn hooks and steel chains, eliminating the hidden dangers in the bud, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment

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