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German tremco illbruck new nozzle PU foam

as a leading enterprise in the construction sealant and adhesive market, German tremcoillbruck company has always adhered to the development and innovation, which is to obtain the displacement of the beam by measuring the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder. Recently, the company launched two new nozzle PU foam, tremco Maxx and tremco flex

this PU foam is applicable to the installation of doors and windows and the sealing and insulation between walls according to a report recently released by Smartech, a market research organization

efficiency is a remarkable feature of tremco Maxx. Tremco Maxx is easy to use and contains twice the amount of foam as the traditional 500ml package. Of course, this feature is attributed to the perfect combination of unique formula, ergonomic nozzle and nozzle design. This humanized nozzle and nozzle design has the characteristics of time saving and high efficiency, and it is also convenient to control the spraying measurement

tremco flex foam has a high elasticity of more than 35%, which enables it to be used in stretching, especially in shrinking joints today

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