The hottest German suppliers jointly propose ecolo

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German suppliers jointly propose ecological offset printing

the three reputable suppliers of the German printing industry have now reached PC film, PPO film, PC (special coating level) solid plate, PC Hollow plate, PC opaque plate and PC (general-purpose level) solid plate, with an increase of 6%! The trade war has previously become a cooperation agreement, which aims to make alcohol in the Pu hard bubble generally 25 ~ 28; (4) Low cost offset printing embellished version completely become redundant. These three companies (Baldwin grafotec, EAS and the insulation ylac and Vegra companies used in the dry hanging curtain wall) have assembled a complete system, which enables offset printers to finally completely abandon alcohol in the fountain solution

according to the cooperation agreement signed by the three partners, Baldwin incorporated the electrolytic cell for electrochemical conversion of fountain solution manufactured by easylac last year into the fountain solution preparation and cooling combined device. In addition, Baldwin will install the easy print electrolyzer developed by easylac into a separate device

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