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Analysis of the carton packaging market in the Pearl River Delta (Part 2)

three problems

1 uneven regional distribution

the packaging industry is characterized by supporting other industries, so the distribution of packaging enterprises is often related to other leading industries. For example, in Dongguan, Shenzhen, there are many export-oriented enterprises and many export commodities, so the carton production enterprises are concentrated. There are more than 1000 carton production plants in Dongguan alone. The high-grade packaging, decoration and printing enterprises are also concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, because the products such as household appliances, food and drugs here are of high grade and need corresponding packaging to match them. There are more than 300 private enterprises engaged in packaging and printing in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City; There are more than 400 enterprises engaged in packaging production in Anbu Town, Chaozhou City. However, the elongation and elongation after fracture of materials (plastic, rubber, etc.) of paper packaging enterprises in northern and western Guangdong, which are economically backward, are relatively small

2, most enterprises are relatively small

in general, most packaging enterprises in Guangdong are still relatively small, and the number of large enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan is still relatively small

3 backward technology and equipment are still in use

some small enterprises in northern and western Guangdong, which are economically backward, cannot implement quality standards due to backward technology and equipment. These enterprises still sell their products by means of relationship building, which may be the social background of the existence of backward technology and equipment

4 repeated construction is more serious

often over a period of time, when the benefits of an enterprise are better due to its reliability, durability and flexibility, other enterprises in the same region follow suit, their products imitate each other, their equipment levels are roughly the same, and their technical forces dig around each other. This disorderly competition led to the decline of the benefits of the whole industry, and even some enterprises went bankrupt

5 the economic benefits of some enterprises are not high

due to repeated construction and repeated introduction, the economic benefits of enterprises begin to decline. The number of carton manufacturing enterprises is also too large, and the competition is very fierce. They sell at low prices and on credit, and enterprises are often deceived

6. The development capacity of new products and technologies is still insufficient

both in terms of development institutions and in terms of human, material and financial resources invested, they are far behind developed countries. This is a serious factor restricting the development of corrugated box packaging in the future

information source: China packaging

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