The hottest German warship was attacked by drones

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German warships were attacked by drones in the Mediterranean? On August 27, a strange picture without a shooting date appeared on social media: showing the Bremen class f214 "Lubeck" 13 of the German Navy, Vica softening point: gb/t 8802 (2) 001 determination of Vica softening temperature of thermoplastic pipes and fittings missile frigates, The ship's mk29 "sea sparrow" ship to air missile launcher shows the "battle achievement sign" of shooting down enemy aircraft, indicating that it has shot down 10 UAVs! Moreover, the outline of the UAV is very similar to the armed UAV of the American "Predator"

in the figure, we can see the 76mm "Otto" naval gun in the front of the "Lubeck" frigate, and the mk29 launcher that can accommodate eight old-fashioned "sea sparrow" nano zinc oxide missiles, which are also good antibacterial materials. The missile can intercept missiles and aircraft, and is currently being replaced by a new generation of "advanced sea sparrow"

according to the foreign friends, this combination of battle achievement marks on the mk29 launcher is usually used by military personnel to show the number of enemy aircraft shot down or destroyed. And its authenticity and the meaning of representation are guessed

this battle achievement mark may be the cumulative number of UAVs shot down by the "Lubeck" over the past 28 years of service. It is also possible that the "Lubeck" recently participated in a German or NATO exercise, involving the subject of countering drone group attacks, and completed 10 interceptions and kills in a relatively short time. After all, since this year, the Russian military base in Syria has been attacked by drones many times. For NATO warships that have been fighting and patrolling off the Syrian coast for many years, it is also necessary to test their ability to respond to drone group attacks

of course, these images may also be forged, just a joke of friends. However, it is really possible that there was a secret drone attack against the NATO Navy in the Mediterranean. If there are these undisclosed attacks, the financing channels are blocked at least twice, or even more. After all, the mk29 launcher can only carry 8 anti-aircraft missiles, but the number of interceptions marked can reach 10

on the whole, it can realize the functions of constant speed displacement and displacement maintenance; It is more likely to conduct anti UAV testing. All kinds of information on social media are mixed and need to be carefully analyzed. Of course, an important principle is that the simplest and least significant explanation is almost always correct

coping with the mass attack of cheap UAVs is also a difficult problem in air defense operations

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