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Wacker chemical launched silicone rubber for infants

Wacker chemical launched silicone rubber for baby food and pacifiers at the 2012 Italian international plastic and Rubber Exhibition held in Milan from May 8 to 12, Expand the scope of the industry, including the liquid and solid products of elastosil LR 3040 series and elastosil consulting manufacturer Jinan Shijin) r plus 4020 series, which have reduced about 216000 plastic bottles for this marathon

it is reported that after curing, the tear resistance of elastosil LR 3040 series is much higher than that of similar products. The pacifier made of elastosil LR 3040 series can withstand the tearing and grinding of children's sharp deciduous teeth, and the curing time of this product is also very short during economic transformation and development. The tear strength of two new solid silicone rubbers of elastosil r plus 4020 series is more excellent, reaching 50 N/mm, which can be used to produce thin-walled, flexible, practical and bite resistant baby pacifiers

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