Get A Covid Vaccine Jab 24x7 At Your Convenience,

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Get A Covid Vaccine Jab 24x7 At Your Convenience, Says Health Minister - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said time constraints have been removed from inoculation drive

Hospitals do not necessarily have to stick to a fixed schedule to vaccinate people against COVID-19 and can extend or advance the vaccination schedule any day, the government has said. This will help speed up the vaccination drive as more and more people become eligible for the life-saving jabs.

“The government has removed time constraint to increase the speed of vaccinationChief Investigative Reporter. People can get vaccinated 24×7 at their convenienceThe parking lot of a local mosque. Prime Minister Narendra Modi understands the value of both time and health of citizens780,409 people or 2.1 per cent o,” Health Minister Harsh Vardhan tweeted in Hindi.

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