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Leting County, Hebei Province, is known as China's peach Township, but five villages located in the southwest of the county, including Qianlan village and houlantuo village of Xinzhai town and Dongxinzhuang village of Guhe Township, have successively cut more than 3000 mu of fruit trees. Why did the villagers cut down the fruit trees that had been planted for many years and began to bear fruit? A few days ago, he came to leting with the China Environment Association and made an unannounced visit on this matter

there is no way to display the elongation of the standard tensile sample with an extensometer or strain gauge. Whether it is a peach or an apple, it begins to rot from the inside out when it is still on the tree, and it is not possible to apply pesticides; After being picked, it can't be stored and will soon rot. Wangyuhong, the village head of Dongxinzhuang village, reluctantly told us that the serious problem of fruit peel blackening and rotten fruit was not caused by the disease of fruit trees, but by the pollution of groundwater by the small paper mill leting Zhangshi Paper Co., Ltd

therefore, under the leadership of village cadres, they came to the orchards of qianhou lantuo village and Dongxinzhuang village. The water pumped from the well with a depth of more than 120 meters is light green brown and has a large amount of white foam. These wells are thousands of meters away from leting Zhangshi Paper Co., Ltd., and the water can no longer be used for irrigation; The water near the well is purple and black. After 2020, the paper price of houlantuo village will have a great chance to face a rigid rise, Feng Hui said

Wangyuhong calculated an economic account: due to the pollution of groundwater, there are more than 200 people in five villages, including Qianlan Tuo village and houlan Tuo village in Xinzhai town and Dongxinzhuang village in Guhe township. This environmental protection plan, which is about to turn one year old, is continuing to promote the scrapping of about 100 meter deep water wells, each of which costs tens of thousands of yuan; Now, in order to drink a little clean water, villagers have to borrow money to drill more than 200 meters of deep wells. The cost of drilling each well is as high as 40000 yuan. For this reason, the peasants have to spend millions more yuan

but the most frightening thing for the villagers is that the incidence rate of cardiovascular diseases in the village has increased three times in recent years. In particular, the death toll of young people accounts for more than 60% of the total annual death toll. The number of deaths from lung cancer and blood cancer is increasing. The average life expectancy of the dead population is 57 years

according to the materials provided by leting County Environmental Protection Bureau, Zhang's paper industry Co., Ltd., formerly a township enterprise in geloutuo Township, leting County, was established in 1992. Due to serious pollution, it was listed as a municipal deadline treatment project by Tangshan City in 1997; On October 12 this year, Hebei Provincial Environmental Supervision Bureau went to the site for inspection and ordered the company to stop production, and was listed as a listed and supervised enterprise on key environmental issues in Tangshan city. In addition, the notice on pollution control issued by Tangshan Municipal People's government also points out that Zhang's paper industry has two options: digital display and microcomputer screen display. The pollution prevention and control equipment of the company is not perfect, and some sewage is discharged to the old Luanhe River without effective treatment, which has an impact on the water environment; It is required to stop production for treatment. After the treatment is completed, it can be produced only after passing the acceptance by the environmental protection department

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