Three kinds of balcony decoration schemes

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Choose furniture first and then decorate

now a popular trend is to look at the furniture after getting the house, and then decorate after setting the style. The style of decoration follows the style of furniture, so the choice of furniture is very important. When buying furniture, you should first look at your personal preferences. It is suggested to choose modern furniture, because modern furniture is fashionable and simple. Small family furniture is not suitable for purchase in sets. It is best to fully consider the inclusiveness and performance integration of large and small furniture, and mix and match to achieve a perfect effect

furniture is like clothes

some people put forward that furniture should be "light decoration, heavy decoration", and experts also pointed out that furniture should be like clothes, which should be changed and renewed often. Within the economic affordability, change a batch of fashionable furniture every 2-3 years. With the improvement of income level, this will become a trend

tips for arrangement take the 40 square meter and 50 square meter small houses in the real estate market as an example, separate the kitchen and bathroom, and ensure a spacious room. Such a space is large and small, and the key depends on how to arrange the furniture. Experts suggest that it is best to use furniture with "devil figure", which is enough, so as to save space and keep the storage function. Some popular furniture with simple shape, light texture and small size in the market, as well as furniture that can be combined, stored and moved at will, are convenient for transportation, disassembly and assembly, and arrangement. This not only saves space, increases the function of the room, but also has a modern sense. When changing furniture in the future, it doesn't need to take a lot of trouble

harmony is refinement

professionals have always emphasized a point of view: harmony is refinement. When choosing furniture for small house type, it is not suitable to be large, but to be refined. You can choose diffusive colors such as white as the keynote to make the space larger and give people a fresh and bright feeling. Small family furniture does not need to be expensive and extravagant. Ordinary stickers and veneer furniture can be considered as long as the quality is qualified. For owners of small houses, the price is affordable, the level of choice is wide, and the style is still fashionable

the whole is the most important. A certain piece of furniture is too prominent, which will destroy the overall feeling of the room. Maintain a unified style, and make great efforts in simplifying the size, storage settings, reasonable collocation and convenient use. Without spending a lot of money, you can easily have a full home

do not buy range hoods indiscriminately. Choose according to your kitchen.

many consumers always hesitate when choosing range hoods. Which type of product is suitable for you? At present, there are two major structural types of range hoods, which are generally divided into top suction type (European style, Chinese style) and near suction type. The author will give you a brief introduction

the top suction range hood is to place the fan system on the top of the smoke collection cavity, and the air inlet directly faces the rising oil smoke. By reducing the eddy time of oil smoke in the smoke collection cavity, it can realize the rapid discharge of oil smoke. It adopts a completely enclosed smoke exhaust chamber, which is completely isolated from the inside of the machine body. The oil smoke is separated through the oil filter screen to reduce the erosion of the oil smoke on the motor and fan blades. At the same time, the exhaust air volume has also been fully improved, so the effect of oil smoke absorption is relatively good

the close suction European range hood, with the air inlet closer to the source of the oil smoke, can lock the oil smoke at the first time, shorten the rising distance of the oil smoke, and have a better smoke exhaust effect. Because the open design is adopted in the appearance of the smoke collecting chamber, the cooking space is expanded, and there is no depression when cooking, which more effectively avoids the occurrence of meeting events

1. The combination of stainless steel and tempered glass makes the close suction European range hood elegant and flexible, suitable for the personality group who advocates freedom

2. Top suction European range hoods generally have three shapes of "tower", "t" and "arc", which are relatively formal and cold, and are the best choice for creating a simple and fashionable kitchen

3. The top suction Chinese range hood is also called the deep range hood. The super large and ultra deep smoke collecting chamber can effectively collect the smoke and prevent escape and diffusion. It is the strength of the smoke in the kitchen

choose furniture step by step

① the art of emphasizing the overall effect should be adapted to the environment in which it is placed. Environmental conditions include the size, location and orientation of the room

② the unity of furniture and bedroom style. Traditional furniture should be selected when designing a room into a classical style. When the bedroom is in a modern style, choose simple, neutral tone combination furniture

③ refer to the color tone of the room. The color of furniture itself is an important part of the color of the room, and the color should be coordinated with the tone of the wall and ceiling

④ material and structure of furniture. Generally, wooden furniture is the main part of families, and furniture made of other materials is the shop

⑤ choose appropriate furniture according to the needs of human activities. The size of each part of the human body and the specific posture and direction when using furniture have specific space requirements, which can be used as the basis to choose and determine the structure, size and placement of furniture




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