Beware of five traps in winter home decoration

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Home decoration is a troublesome thing. If the owners don't understand the decoration industry enough, it is easy to fall into the decoration trap. Winter is a relatively suitable season for decoration, and many owners start decoration, but what are the decoration traps in winter and how to avoid them? Let me show you

1. Decoration design trap

many decoration companies will say that the design is free when they receive you, but later, if you are not satisfied with the design or the project cost, and want to change a company for construction, it will charge you an expensive design fee

2. The trap of decoration contract

is mainly manifested in the fictitious subject qualification and qualification, as well as the use of materials, process requirements, construction period, acceptance methods, quality warranty, liability for breach of contract, dispute resolution and other aspects, laying the groundwork for escaping responsibility in the future

3. Decoration prepayment trap

after the contract is signed, some construction parties will require you to prepay 30% to 40% of the material preparation and mobilization fee. A few salespersons and even bosses will take advantage of this opportunity to take pay from the bottom of the barrel and leave with money

4. Decoration material trap

if it is self purchased materials, a few construction parties will charge kickbacks by introducing you to purchase materials. Others will prescribe large prescriptions, which means that the actual needs of your home decoration are not as much as those you buy, and the extra construction parties will take them away one after another. If it is labor and material contracting, the other party will make an issue of the quantity and brand of materials

in addition, many decoration companies will launch various preferential measures and discount activities. You should carefully understand these promotional means in advance and calculate them clearly, so as to prevent merchants from raising their quotations in advance and then saying discounts. Including the products that the manufacturer claims to have gifts, we should ask in detail. Generally, some manufacturers will say that the decoration will be delivered to the cabinet, so when signing the decoration contract, we must clearly write the value, model, color, texture and other conditions of the gifts in the annex of the contract, so as to avoid the merchants from filling them with inferior quality

5. Decoration quality traps

the traps in this aspect are mainly manifested in concealed works, water and electricity, doors and windows and other projects. As long as there are quality problems in these places, they are often unable to solve the problems through repeated rework, and finally can only be nothing. Winter decoration is close to the new year, so it is inevitable to be impetuous. For example, some companies stipulate that the interior wall should be painted three times. At this time, the construction team only painted once, and there is no difference on the surface, but in fact, the process standard is reduced, and the decoration quality is difficult to guarantee; Moreover, if some professional workers (such as carpenters, oilers, bricklayers, etc.) go home, other construction personnel will take over the task and become full-fledged workers in order not to delay the construction period, but the technology is not up to standard and the process is rough. For the time being, the problem will be exposed. In this case, only the owner can find and stop it in time is the best solution




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