What should Feng Shui avoid when placing beds

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What should Feng Shui avoid when placing beds? Every family and everyone will have their own bed. The bed is where we rest and need it for eight hours a day. If we don't sleep well, it will affect our study and work that day. So what Feng Shui problems should we pay attention to when placing the bed

first of all, many people will put a mirror in their bedroom to make it convenient to look in the mirror when changing clothes. There are many requirements on the position of the mirror, especially the corresponding position at the head of the bed. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the mirror is used to block the evil spirit, so it cannot be placed directly at the head of the bed. If everyone is half awake and half asleep when sleeping, the reflection of the mirror will affect everyone's sleep and be frightened, so this is very important. If you want a mirror in the bedroom, you can design one in the wardrobe, so you can take it out when you use it and put it back when you don't use it. This will be very good and won't cause problems in Feng Shui

second, the bed should not be placed at the sewer of the bathroom, which is negative from the perspective of Feng Shui. If the bed is placed in this place, the owner will have nightmares at night. In order to have a good sleep quality, Xiaobian suggested that you must not put the bed in this place. Find a clean place to put it down, so that you can sleep well. We must keep this in mind, otherwise we will often have insomnia and dreams

third, there should be no beams on the top of the head of the bed. If there are beams, people will feel depressed and can't sleep well. It will also affect your career and can't be promoted, so you must pay attention to this. If there is a beam on it, you can cover it with a ceiling, so that you won't feel depressed and avoid the problem of Feng Shui. And it will also look very beautiful. Many people like to make ceilings indoors, so as to enhance the beauty of the interior

what should we pay attention to when placing the bed? The above are the points that Xiaobian summarized for you. I believe you will have a certain understanding. Finally, I wish you all can put your beds reasonably, do not affect sleep, and everyone can have a harmonious family and a smooth career




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