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The "small world" in Yiwu mold city contains great energy. The fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley. This sentence is very appropriate to describe Yiwu mold city. Yiwu mold City, a subsidiary of Yiwu market group, is located in Shangxi Town, about half an hour's drive from the urban area. Although it is far from the urban area, nearly 3000 people come here every day to customize molds. Many of these people are business owners around Yiwu, foreign trade agents in Shanghai and Hangzhou, and even "flying" foreign businessmen

in the second half of last year, in order to cooperate with the comprehensive renovation of "low, small and scattered" industries in Yiwu, another site was set up in Yiwu mold City, and a small and micro Incubation Park was built to accommodate mold operators in the original urban area, forming the first "small world" in the mold city. Today, it is learned from Yiwu mold city that there is great energy in this small world. From January to April this year, the turnover of the microenterprise incubator was 32.6 million yuan, and the turnover of individual business operators in the incubator increased by 20%-50% year-on-year

the agglomeration effect highlights that zhenghoujun, who received dividends from the "fingertip gyroscope"

30, is the boss of Junhao mold materials. At the end of last year, he closed the mold store on Qijiguang road and moved the store into the microenterprise incubator in Yiwu mold city. In the past six months, zhenghoujun realized the benefits of "collective life"

"my shop mainly produces steel plates for mold making. My upstream is tons of mold steel, and my downstream is a mold processing enterprise. Before I change, I have to go to the mold city to transport tons of steel back to the shop for processing into steel plates suitable for mold making, and then return the steel plates to the customers in the mold city." Zheng made attribute tests before exposure and after exposure (usually these are tensile and impact properties). Hou Jun suddenly said, "now I think of it, it's like a swallow holding mud. I wasted too much time on the road."

the foothold has changed, and zhenghoujun's business circle has also changed. "There are too many benefits of industrial agglomeration. For example, I can pick up orders without going out, and I also share the dividends brought by the fingertip gyroscope." Zhenghoujun told us that since the fingertip gyroscope brought fire to the mold processing, since March this year, enterprises have been coming to the door to customize the mold steel plate. Sometimes, at the end of the day, we add steel plates to the fingertip gyro mold, especially in the case of a large amount of experiments. During the peak period, 30 sets of steel plates will be produced a day. Zhenghoujun never imagined that the price of steel plates would rise with the booming business. He described the microenterprise Incubation Park as a magical place. As long as the technology is good, there will be long queues. Those who build smart strategic networks in various regions have learned that in Yiwu mold City, there are many businesses that share the market dividends from fingertip gyroscopes like zhenghoujun without producing a strong neck. The production and processing of fingertip gyroscopes have been gradually launched as early as the beginning of this year. As of the beginning of May this year, there were more than 100 operating households engaged in the production and processing of fingertip gyro molds in Yiwu mold City, and more than 20 operating households engaged in the sales of finished products. The accumulated turnover of gyro main mold sales reached more than 20million yuan, and the accumulated turnover of gyro finished products reached more than 50million yuan. The mold price has also risen from the original 8000 yuan to the current 25000 yuan

new projects are imminent. The mold science and technology trading center started construction in August.

it is said that forging iron should take advantage of the heat. The small and micro incubator in the mold city has become popular, allowing Yiwu market development group to see a broader prospect of the mold industry. This year, the market group joined hands with Shangxi town government to launch the second phase of the mold city project, and another small world with the core goal of "technological improvement" is about to emerge

it is reported that the project is based on the first phase of mold city and extends along the southeast. The total land area of the project is 85 mu, including 78 mu of market land, 7 mu of greening land and road land. The total investment of the project is 200million yuan

the project focuses on the construction of a complete industrial chain system, scientific planning and reasonable layout. The project is mainly divided into six functional areas: high-end Mold Industrial Park, mold supporting industrial park, scientific and Technological Innovation Zone, standardized plant, machinery and equipment trading and Exhibition Center, and life supporting services. In addition, the project will also provide a public service platform with complete functions, and invest in building public service platforms such as mold inspection center, mold information center, Mold Exhibition Center, mold industry training service center, etc

at present, the engineering design, preliminary land auction and land leveling of the mold technology trading center project have been completed. It is planned to start construction in August, and the main body of the project will be completed by the end of the year. It is planned to complete an investment of 50million yuan in 2017

it is reported that the investment investigation work in the early stage of the project is being carried out step by step. It is planned to introduce advanced enterprises in the domestic mold industry, make statistics on the expansion and upgrading needs of large operators in the phase I market, supplement scarce industry modules, and improve the industrial chain of design, R & D, manufacturing, deep processing, supporting and other links. The construction of the mould technology trading center will further promote the development of the mould industry in our city in the direction of scale, science and technology, automation and export-oriented

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