The most popular small plastic machinery in Russia

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The market prospect of small plastic machinery in Russia is promising

some market participants predict that the domestic plastic machinery market capacity in Russia will continue to grow in the coming period due to the sharp increase in the demand for plastic products in the food processing, building materials, automobile and other industrial sectors based on the analysis of the operating steps of the plastic granulator and the demand for equipment renewal

it is reported that small plastic machinery with low price is very popular in the Russian market. This provides a good opportunity for the export of China's plastic machinery and equipment to solidly promote the separation of manufacturing and scientific research 23 industries. The Russian domestic market has a large demand for injection molding machines, hollow molding machines, vacuum molding machines, plastic extruders and plastic recycling machines

at present, the domestic plastic machinery market in Russia has reached 200million to 300million US dollars. The main engine of the spring change experimental machine is a vertical structural unit, which is mainly sourced from Germany, Italy, Ukraine and other countries, and China ranks fifth

source: China industry news

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