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Wuhan Dongxihu industrial and commercial branch seized several large plastic barrels and a stirring stick in the humble civilian houses of the small workshop for the production and sale of fake coatings, which can be used to produce "famous brand" coatings and directly sold to the road decoration team. Yesterday, along with the law enforcement officers of the Dongxihu branch of industry and commerce, a small workshop that made and sold fake raw materials in the production process was found on the scene, which was called niuyuan caulking king king and Nippon coating

Panasonic, the exclusive supplier of Tesla, will build a battery factory in China; Overseas

after on-site inventory, Dongxihu branch of industry and Commerce seized more than 1500 boxes of fake niuyuan caulking king king, 600 bags of fake Nippon plugging king and 500 barrels of fake Nippon high-efficiency waterproof agent, and seized more than 2000 pieces of identification, packaging boxes, packaging bags, etc. suspected of infringing the exclusive use of registered trademarks. At present, the case is under further investigation

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