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Xiaolinghu helped launch the 180 seat call center system for 51 orders. Jiangsu Fengyun Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as fengyunluo) is subordinate to Huabo group. Founded in 2013, it is a channel service expert in the field of fengyunluo intelligent hardware and an o2o integrated innovative e-commerce platform serving urban and rural consumers. Its subordinate platforms are 51 orders and Fengyun logistics

51 ordering, taking the county and town as the center, build a transit based logistics and service flow, integrate goods + Finance + services, provide commodity supply chain services, financial services and retail services for millions of physical stores in the county and town commercial streets, and form a new business consortium of distributed o2o integration for urban and rural consumers. It was officially launched in April 2014, with a transaction volume of more than RMB 4million in the first month. In the o2o operation mode, with the increasing number of merchants, call centers are undoubtedly necessary to help enterprises operate more vigorously

after a number of comparisons and screening, fengyunluo finally selected xiaolinghu as the call center customer service system supplier in october2014. The xiaolinghu call center system provides a unified, high-quality and convenient one-stop service experience. After the initial 30 seat Xiaoling call center system goes online, we can use the Xiaoling call center to achieve high-quality service:

1 Xiaolinghu system effectively provides voice support for the o2o business model for bee cloud network, helps bee cloud develop in the business war, effectively enhances the stickiness between users and enterprises, solves the long-standing problems of incoming and outgoing calls, recording, reporting, CRM, satisfaction survey, etc., helps enterprises meet regulatory requirements, and builds a communication bridge among enterprises, businesses and users. From the moment when jingling became interested in these innovative products, Xiaoling's call center realized the call pop-up window, and all the data were reflected in the system. At the same time, in combination with the business needs, it ordered, complained and consulted at the first time to meet the needs of customers for business queries, greatly reducing the workload of seats and improving work efficiency

r automatic voice navigation service: it makes it more convenient for customers to query and obtain information, so as to help 51 order to achieve 24-hour and 24-hour service. Customers can access 51 order at any time, on-line, station call back, etc. After work, the company can set the transfer to the on duty or voice mail

d automatic traffic assignment: help 51 order to realize intelligent traffic assignment. The merchant can press the key to select according to the voice prompt of IVR, and can directly transfer to the relevant department to reflect the situation, avoiding the defects of wrong dialing and repeated hanging up replay

4. Specify rush connection implementation: if a group of operators are busy, the system will generate a waiting queue and play music. The agent can understand the queuing situation in real time and arrange calls reasonably. At the same time, other idle group members can also view the queuing situation and specify the rush connection of queued customers

5. The idle seat display shows that the 4-square probe of the tested object is put into the 4-square hole of the tester: when the team member needs to transfer to a customer, they can check the transfer of the idle seat, which effectively avoids the transfer failure due to the busy transferred seat and greatly improves the customer satisfaction

6. E-ivr: develop the ERP system for docking with customers, realize database interaction, and transfer VIP members to a group of designated seats

Xiaoling's call center system is a service window, which makes 51 ordering operation more convenient. At present, 51 ordering business has been expanded to 14 provinces nationwide, with more than 40000 monthly active trading merchants and a single month transaction volume of more than 500million yuan. In september2015, the fengyunluo call center system was rapidly expanded to 8 E1 access 180 digital seats. At the same time, Xiaoling call center was used to seamlessly connect with its business system, completing the perfect integration of the call center and its business system. In the same month, fengyunluo completed a round of financing with a total amount of 120million yuan. Its investment in the plastic packaging market should be valued by fangweishun capital and Delian capital

on January 13, 2015, the 0.5-level accuracy of even higher levels can be reached. According to the news on January 13, the B2B platform 51 positioning services for small and medium-sized stores in rural areas ordered more than 15000 merchants on the double 11 single day, with a total transaction volume of more than 100million yuan

at present, the call center system with 180 seats for 51 orders is running smoothly. In the peak business season, relying on the Xiaoling call center system, the company's business has grown steadily. I wish 51 orders can reach a higher level

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