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With the new generation of information technology represented by IOT, cloud computing and mobile Internet, the concept of smart city has quietly entered the public's vision and been incorporated into the overall development strategy of many cities as a new engine for urban development. Generally speaking, smart city is to realize high integration and integration based on existing information and communication technologies and various applications, complete the digitalization and informatization of the city, and make rapid, intelligent and efficient use of resources when responding to emergencies or providing services

at present, the first construction stage of smart city - infrastructure construction stage is in full swing, including IOT construction, cloud computing center construction, etc., while the second stage of smart city construction - integration construction stage is also imminent. Integration construction is to realize seamless interconnection and interaction of urban basic service information from different fields, so as to form ubiquitous services. In the work of information integration, integrated communication is the top priority. The demand for integrated communication is particularly urgent in many fields, such as urban emergency, production and operation, transportation, joint security and so on

as an expert in converged communication solutions, Jethro technology has a series of complete converged communication product lines with independent intellectual property rights, as well as its unique industry customized solution service capability. Among them, the smart emergency platform has been widely used in major cities. Relying on E-government, the platform has been built to reduce the production cost of enterprises and set up a set of efficient integrated emergency communication system, that is, the integrated communication technology based on soft switch is used to realize the voice, video and data services between the emergency command center and various wired systems, which are common components in medical suture and tissue engineering, wireless systems and video dispatching systems, and to provide comprehensive support for the whole system. ". By deploying the on-board integrated dispatching equipment on the emergency command vehicle, it can quickly arrive at the accident site in case of emergency, use the public network to quickly and effectively command, rescue and dispatch, ensure the rapid, timely and accurate collection of on-site information, and provide real-time decision-making information for command tasks

the next decade will be an era of Pan intelligence, where everything will be connected intelligently. Up to several 10 tons (such as ordinary steel; the largest electronic universal experimental machine in China has an experimental force of 600kN and a level 0.5 machine). The integrated communication technology of jezry embodies the concept of smart city intensive, low-carbon, ecological and smart. It can not only make full use of the old, but also perfectly integrate the old and new systems to achieve the goal of ubiquitous smart city communication

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