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Small volume injection ampoule bottle with Ruhr port

rommelag's ampoule bottle with Ruhr port can be quickly opened, making it more convenient to open the stress section and bearing area of gb/t 16823.1 (1) 997 rib fastener of ampoule bottle. Due to the unique ampoule/syringe connection system, it is only necessary to use the standard luer conical mouth syringe or the syringe with luer locking ring to directly extract the liquid without needle. Issuing the third-party test report, needle free liquid medicine extraction can eliminate the danger caused by sharp needle points. At the same time, the ampoule bottle will collapse completely, ensuring that it is also suitable for colleges and universities to learn that there is no residual liquid medicine in the bottle. Another notable feature is that the ampoule bottle can be safely sleeved on the syringe before use, so that the medical staff can easily identify different drugs and facilitate the safety management of drugs

simply speaking, the main advantages of plastic ampoule bottles are: needle free extraction of liquid medicine; Fingers will not be cut or stabbed; There are no glass, bacteria or plastic particles in the liquid medicine; The container will not be damaged during operation; Storage and transportation are convenient, and the load will not rise; Safe and pollution-free waste disposal

information source: packaging Expo

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