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"Wisdom of transformation" -- IBM forum 2011 was officially held at 9:18 a.m. on March 25, the IBM forum 2011 with the theme of transformation wisdom was officially held at the third floor of the conference center of Beijing International Hotel. At the forum, IBM will share and summarize the important achievements made in 2010, and make a good prospect for the major strategies and annual business priorities in 2011

Qian Daqun, chairman and CEO of IBM Greater China, delivered a speech at the IBM forum 2011 at Beijing International Hotel Conference Center: IBM has always had its own faith for a century. Our motto is think, which reflects our confidence in human rationality and wisdom; Our mission is to promote the continuous progress of business and society; Our values are to achieve customers, to be innovative, to be honest and responsible, etc. the expression of these concepts can be changed, but the essence cannot be changed, and we should adhere to them. I believe that in 2011, IBM will bring more and greater value to customers

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at the same time, Qian Daqun, chairman and CEO of IBM Greater China, introduced the guests of the Forum: zhengxinli, vice chairman of the Economic Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and executive chairman of China International Economic Exchange Center, academician wuhequan, Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of engineering and former vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, mayor of Karamay Chenxinfa, general manager of PetroChina Xinjiang company, IBM Global Vice President and IBM China Development Center 2. Dr. Wang Yang, general manager of load accuracy:0.01%, and Yu Xueli, vice president of IBM Greater China and strategy and enterprise development department, all attended the forum and made wonderful speeches

looking back on 2010: IBM's successful transformation in a century

IBM, which has gone through a century of innovation and transformation, has made remarkable achievements today: in 2010, its annual revenue was $99.9 billion, its net income was $14.8 billion, and its cash flow was $16.3 billion; Won the second place in the world's most valuable brand for three consecutive years; It obtained 5896 U.S. patents throughout the year, ranking first in the world for 18 consecutive years. The smart earth strategy is also advancing. Pengmingsheng, global chairman of IBM, said: the world will continue to become smaller, more peaceful and more intelligent. We are entering an era of global integration, an era of smart economy, smart society and smart earth. If we seize the opportunity and act quickly, we will also seize the commitment to the future

referring to the successful experience of IBM's transformation, Ms. Ginni rometty, senior vice president and general manager of IBM's global sales, marketing and Strategy Department, believes that there are three main aspects:

first, enterprises should be able to lead the trend of commercial applications. After several changes in the focus of business development, IBM has become more and more aware that enterprises should not only see what they have today, but also grasp the development trend in the next decade. Today, IBM's business scope covers hardware and leasing, software, technical consulting, business consulting and other fields; The future development direction is to work with all sectors of society to build a smart earth

second, enterprises should be good at grasping transformation opportunities. In the Internet era of rapid change, enterprises can only be invincible in the fierce competition if they have firm faith, find opportunities in time, grasp them and act quickly

third, enterprises should establish a corporate culture that advocates thinking and change, which is a powerful weapon for enterprises to remain invincible in the competition

outlook 2011: carry forward the past and forge ahead to create new brilliance

2011, IBM should avoid using solid tools to liquidate. The major development strategic directions of Greater China can be summarized as: collaborative innovation, enterprise transformation and supporting people's livelihood. In IBM Greater China, IBM will strengthen its own construction from three aspects: supporting regional development, introducing Intelligent Computing and enhancing service capabilities. IBM will continue to increase the business proportion of the regional market in Greater China and grow together with the regional economy and regional customers

ibm has set up 30 branches, which shows IBM's confidence and determination to use its leading technology to promote regional development; The introduction of Intelligent Computing and the introduction of a new generation of IT architecture intelligent computing, a comprehensive technical system resulting from the integration of many advanced technologies and the latest development trends in the field of IT infrastructure, will effectively help enterprises and social management departments to strengthen the cooperation and transformation with automobile manufacturers; Starting from the investment of talents, improve the service ability to customers, strengthen the investment in R & D and the construction of professional service teams

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