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Wang Aiwen: do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction, promote the development of circular economy

first, comprehensively carry out cleaner production and energy conservation and consumption reduction in key energy consuming industries and enterprises, speed up the reform of firewood burning in rural areas, forest farms and cities, actively promote new energy-saving lifestyles such as biogas, solar energy, biomass semi gasification multi-purpose furnace technology, and realize the reduction of resource input, the recycling and reuse of various wastes

the second is to start the pilot work of circular economy, accelerate the construction of four zone and three chain circular economy system, form an economic development mode of low input, low consumption, low pollution and high efficiency, and realize cleaner production

third, it is suggested that we should establish and improve scientific pollution reduction indicators, energy-saving audit monitoring and assessment system in combination with our actual needs, on-site working environment and the characteristics of commonly tested materials. Focus on energy conservation and emission reduction in key industries, enterprises and key projects. We will resolutely eliminate the backward production capacity, process devices and technical equipment of high energy consuming and high polluting enterprises, and encourage enterprises to further expand the brand popularity of advanced technology and advanced equipment for energy-saving transformation. Strictly control the generation of new pollution, and resolutely put an end to the settlement of backward processes and equipment that violate national restrictions and are officially eliminated, as well as projects with high energy consumption and serious pollution in Yichun

fourth, develop carbon sink economic projects and speed up the construction of forestry low-carbon cities

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