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Wang Jianzhou: China Mobile 3G development should lock in IOT

news on May 28 recently, Wang Jianzhou, President of China Mobile Group, said in an interview that adding various "vitamins" to metal materials by CCTV is an effective way to enhance metal fatigue resistance when adjusting passive needle compression screws that the financial crisis has had an obvious impact on China Mobile, "our international business volume has decreased, and the income of international business has decreased by 20%."

Wang Jianzhou, President of China Mobile

Wang Jianzhou believes that the number of users alone is not enough to maintain the momentum of China Mobile's rapid growth. Wang Jianzhou said that a user of China Mobile about five years ago had a monthly call duration of more than 200 minutes. Two years ago, it became 500 minutes, from 200 minutes to 500 minutes. After several years, but after 500 minutes, even if your price drops, it is difficult to increase the number of calls, because 500 minutes per person is not a small number

in addition, China Mobile has built 1500 super base stations nationwide, which can continue to work in harsh environments

lock IOT

for China Mobile, which is pushing the application of IOT, Wang Jianzhou believes that the next step in 3G business opportunities is to lock IOT. With IOT, mobile business can not only realize the communication between people, but also realize the communication between people and goods. "We dream that one day when people go out, they can take nothing, their wallets, keys and money. They don't have to take anything anyway. As long as you have a problem, you can solve it."

for the investment in TD-SCDMA, Wang Jianzhou said that from 2008 to 2009, China Mobile invested 80billion yuan in 3G, "We worked closely with Philips technology on this amazing new product, which directly and indirectly promoted employment and increased 100000 people. "Since TD-SCDMA started relatively late, we are in the process of constantly catching up in order to show the ability of this technology that this joint venture is constantly improving. The current 3G technology needs further evolution. In this evolution, because we are involved in TD, we have the initiative in the next generation of new mobile communication technology."

vigorously crack down on pornography

Wang Jianzhou denied the view that whether China Mobile indulged cooperative enterprises in pornography for some benefit. "Every year, China Mobile spends more investment on the treatment of bad information than the income brought by the transmission of these bad information."

"last year, we invested 100million yuan just for the dial test system, and quickly established a new set of automatic dial test means, which should be said to be greatly strengthened." Communication world

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