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Wang Guangyou went to Longhai glass to carry out research and guidance work

a few days ago, a group of 4 people, including Wang Guangyou, director of Henan listed company Supervision Bureau, and Zhang Yingjie, deputy director, accompanied by Zhang Chong, chairman of the company, Ma Yan, general manager, and Wang Guoqiang, Secretary of the Party committee, visited the company's third-generation Longhai glass information display ultra-thin substrate glass production line for research and guidance

during the investigation, director Wang Guangyou and others watched with great interest the advanced process flow and equipment level of Longhai information display 1-long ultra-thin substrate glass production line. In front of the large display screen in the central control room, chairman Zhang Chong introduced the birth of Luoyang float glass, the innovative development process of becoming one of the "three largest float glass in the world" and the growth process of the company's three generations of ultra-thin glass to Wang Guangyou and his delegation; Secretary Wang Guoqiang reported from four aspects: improving product quality, saving energy and reducing consumption, tapping potential, intelligent robot replacement and big data "smart factory construction"

in front of the cold end electronic glass curtain, chairman Zhang Chong introduced the structural principle of the electronic glass curtain to Director Wang Guangyou and others, and expressed his admiration for the magical color change of the curtain

at the subsequent symposium, director Wang Guangyou said: I am glad to have the opportunity to investigate Longhai glass reinforced by recycled plastics in lobo, and I hope Lobo will become better and better in the future development, so as to win glory for China's national glass industry

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