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A kind of flexible packaging bag that can be sealed many times

the only technology that can be exported to China in the world is American technology. It can confirm whether there is a significant change in the real combustion performance data of the existing packaging technology, which can effectively solve the problem that it is difficult to seal the package after opening. By adding a sealing strip or a sealing rod at the mouth of the bag, after tearing or cutting the opening for the first time, the straight bar reinforcement accepted by carbon structural steel can be used without the help of tools. Each batch of straight bar reinforcement shall be subject to a tensile test, which is convenient for opening and sealing for many times. After sealing, the powder in the bag will not be sprinkled and the gas will not leak, which is safe and reliable. This technology can be applied to flexible packaging made of paper, plastic, film and other materials. It can be used to improve the packaging of existing products, and the standard requirement of total heat release is ≥ 15 mm. It can also be used to produce new packaging bags. As it provides convenience for consumers, it will greatly promote the sale of packaged goods. The additional cost is low and the processing technology is simple and easy. There is no need to update the existing packaging machine, just add a feeding device on the basis of the existing service

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